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How to get the correct and professional seller?

My suggestion would be - If you have considerable amount of time, then you should ask seller to submit the example of their work. This will assure you that you get the right seller. Second thing, if seller responds to your request that means he is one of the active seller. So that will facilitate you and will save your time.

The best way, in my oppinion, is by taking a glance over their portfolio. Check out not only what they’ve done, but also the reviews they got.

I personally put all my effort into my digital drawings, but at the same time I treat my customers the way I would like to be treated, with respect and humour, which 90% of the time makes them return for a second or third order.

For Sellers, that’s the way to draw and keep clients happy. For Buyers, that’s the way to see if they’re worth your time and money :slight_smile:

I recommend always messaging the seller first. A lot of people do not realize from the amount of gigs in the queue how much work that could actually be.

Top Rated Sellers are always a good bet too!

that is about it:

examples from work




for me, i use it all. i particularly like the speed in flipping through samples and when i message the seller, i do that to know if he/she has a hang on what it is i want done.

happy buying

  • Check out the sellers reviews and portfolio videos.

  • Check to see if there is a link to a youtube channel in the listing to see more examples with available upgrades.

  • Message the buyer with any questions you may have about the gig. Note the amount of time it takes for the seller to respond.
  • within hours - Awesome!
  • winthin 1 day - Good
  • two days or more - Seller may be too busy to focus on your order at this time.

    NOTE: If the seller is brand new with no sales yet, you can still ask for samples and gage response time. Ordering from a new seller can give you the benefit of getting more for your money. Often times a new seller or even a seasoned seller like myself will offer things on the intial listing that would later be listed as a gig extra in order to get things started.

Make the seller’s life easy. Submit very clear, concise instructions, following their format and don’t try to squeeze every last penny out of the $5 order. If you’re pleasant to work with, most people will go above and beyond to make you happy.

One thing I really appreciate from a buyer is when they actually establish a connection before booking a gig. A lot of buyers tend to treat us like hookers, paying and demanding, without showing any interest in the seller. And I’m not expecting to become best friends with every buyer, but I really enjoy working with people when they act friendly and I put a lot more attention and effort into whatever I’m doing for them. So, to every buyer reading this, if you want good, quality, professional work, establish a connection with the seller and he will implicitly CARE more about the product he’s delivering. :slight_smile:

Well in this case I have something I experienced…

There was one buyer who called himself a professional photographer asked me to give him sample works so that he can show them to his client and finally give the full order …

As he told it sounded like I was gonna be rich…(If you know what I mean :P)

Since he seamed trustworthy I gave him samples and asked him to pay for what I did because though they were samples I had my time wasted…But he said…Don’t worry…We are on a great deal here…bla bla bla…After few days he came back and replied to me asking to do more accurately etc… but I know I did it more than enough for a sample…I highly trust my confidence in that… Since he seamed trying to take advantage I rejected his deal asking him to find someone else…

So my idea is…If buyers ask for samples…then they have to be fair with sellers too…

(This idea is not really related 100% to your suggestion.This is a possible end)

Check the gig description, talk with him/her. Only fiverr levels can’t make a good seller, A newbie can be also a good professional seller as well.

Asking a sample work is fine, but I think its best to interact first with the seller, from where you should be able to deduce if the seller can perform or not.

Disagree, the portfolio section is enough. Besides, when I buy, I don’t have time to wait for a seller to get back to me. If he’s in Sri Lanka, he might be sleeping when I’m messaging, so the best thing to do is order and see what happens.

P.S. Some sellers are active but won’t respond because they find your request annoying and insulting, and they would rather focus on paying clients. As for me, I always respond, but I do not like it. Some of you buyers love playing 20 questions, it’s annoying.

Providing a draft copy or example does not work always. But is helpful to get work.

Take these into consideration:
1: The time of joining fiverr. This will help you to understand if a seller is new or has been around for a long time.
2: Rating and reviews. Go to his/her portfolio and check for rating and review by previous customers.
3: Check out their live portfolio items. This will make sure that you are hiring the right person.
4: Chat with them a bit before placing the order to see how long it takes them to reply to your messages. if it is more than 24 hours, you should start your search again.
5: If a seller answers with a “One word” reply, don’t work with him because he/she don’t value you or are really busy at the time.
6: Check out their sales queue. If it is more than 10 and you want some coding related job done, I would recommend using someone else instead.
7: If there’s at least 1 sales in queue and the seller delivers order frequently, you should work with him.

I hope this works.

I guess you’re right and wrong at some points.
Right: If the seller has not sufficient samples in his portfolio
Wrong: If the seller has a lot of samples that are enough to show his work quality.