How to get the first buyer?


I’m new here and i’ve read a lot of tips, but they are all for when you already have buyers. How do I get the first buyer?


The deals are done when the seller and the buyer both agree on all conditions and the price at least theoretically. In practice: it is interesting, but if you do more job, than other with acceptable quality than you won the first work.

In this days I am developing mobile apps. I am an old developer. I know if a US company outsouce a Senior developer to another one its being charged with 100 usd plus, around 200 usd/h. As employed it earns 50 usd plus. In EU a bit cheaper, but not with a lot.

As I am from East EU I am sold usually at 25-32 usd between companies.

Here at this site I would like to get some works with 25 usd/h.

I know the job require communications, which is time. If need to develop and existing code than need the existing code analys, which can be a lot of time. After I do the work need to test, fix and so on. So the coding it is only 10-15% of the time spent with the job/project.

Today I got a message do something coding related. I have estimated the work around 1h, but like I told there is a lot of overhead than coding. So I have estimated it will take it why whole day: 8h until I finish with all and I told my price 8x25=200 usd.

The buyer was upset and I told my condition and it is visible at profile too. He/She didn’t realise the importance of the other none programming time wasting tasks and he / she was low on budget. Now if I would work for free a day ( 5$, which is only 3 $ after taxes ) than I would have a buyer. Maybe he wouldn’t give the max review, because the cheap work or cutting the testing time and so on, but still a buyer: the first buyer.

As I saw here aren’t the companies but regular users, without IT project management skills and without proper size budget. Even if one would come how would he proceed? Take those with higher sales, reviews, isn’t? :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t believe I will make some business here, but it’s fun to read what others are SAYING what will do for 5$.

Good luck for everyone.