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How to get the first work?

Hi, Im new in fiverr. Could you please help how I can get my first work. Do I have to apply for a job or buyer will see my profile to assign a job?

Please help by guiding me.

you have to wait

Buyers can buy directly from your profile, but you can also actively apply for jobs listed in buyer requests. It will take quite a bit of effort, lots of tries and very good gigs to get going. Don’t just wait for it to happen, though, read all the Tips and work at it like a job.

Simple answer: Good marketing, and hard work.

If you’re expecting success for free, then you will likely be disappointed. Being successful on Fiverr, and earning sales takes constant work. You need to take responsibility for your own success, promote your gigs, present yourself professionally, etc. The only person who can bring you success is you. Work hard, set goals, and achieve those goals

Once again, if you’re going to copy and paste my words from one of my comments elsewhere on the forum, please credit me as the writer. Taking my words, and posting them as your own is plagiarism.

It is okay to wait, but better sell customized offers through buyers requests, that’s how it works for me, and don’t wait every buyer to buy from you, as for me, from 40 sent offers I had 5 orders. Just be friendly and send a request, and try to give a little bit lower price and shorter delivery time than requested for the first sells.