How to get the initial flow of order and traffic?


I am a newbie here in Fiverr but not a newbie in my own category. I have been active in for more than a year and have got great feedback from my buyers.

I am not sure how to get the initial flow of orders, I have contacted with fiverr support but they said they can only help me if I have a lot of orders in tally.

Would you guys share with me that how you guys have got the initial flow?

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Great question asked, I have always suffered in this problem. I had to do a lot of things to get the first few orders. I used google adwords, facebook & twitter.

I think there should be some ways to get the primary exposure to get some customer base, or else the gigs on top pages must be shuffled for better distribution of exposure.


I am not a fiverr seller, I am a buyer. But I come to fiverr forum a lot to find the true and good gigs, because many people here talk about gigs and from the comments I can see the difference.

You may try to promote your gig on fiverr forum.


One tip I could tell ya that will make more sales from here on out–

Intro Video for ALL your gigs. No matter what it is… simply explaining thing in a video is goin to do wonders for that gig. Even if it’s a gig for SEO stuff… Make a video and make it a decent one…

The intro gig with your sign writing – I honestly would re-do it… Nice idea , not very well executed.

Remember first impressions are key … most buyers will see your gig once and pass it up if it’s not presented in a way that surpasses many others offering the same service very clearly. Make your gig an easy sale… put a lot of thought into presenting it in the video. You can see my testimonial gig… I even wrote a script for it… I plan on redoing it again today…tweaking it more and more.

Another thing – Buyer’s hardly read anything. Make your description of your gig VERY DUMBED DOWN and simplified.

Good luck!


Be creative and post as many gigs as you can & post a video with each, after you do that you’ll be able to see what people want & what youre good at.


I have to agree with @freestyledesign somehow people can sense what you’re really good at… the video is VERY important! I would also encourage you to make your signs a little better (hand written ones) or just edit the videos. If you can do SEO I’m sure a little video editing wouldn’t be a problem :wink: Good luck to you


I am struggling with the same issue as well.

Nice tips about the Video Intros - will start making a script and get it done asap! :slight_smile:


Most of the people have not extrat time and they try to get their work done within few minutes/ hours.

I will suggest you that 1) upload the Photo which best describe what you can do.

2) Upload video that shows that your are doing work fastly and efficiently. it means that increase the speed of video picture frames at 2.5 speed. and say “Welcome”.

3)send messages to others and tell them what you could perform for them.


Welp, it’s not much, but this is how I got successful on Fiverr. Maybe it could be helpful to you


Reply to @freestyldesign: thanks a lot