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How to get the job


What is the best process to get the job from byer.
I offered a lot but sorry to say, that i haven’t any job.
Can anyone help me about this issue,

I think it’s a long process ti get a job.

Thanks in advance


make one or more gigs with a attractive photo and tittle, check everyday buyer request and promote your gigs on social media.
it takes 1 or more month or it take 2 to 3 days depends on your gigs and luck.
best wishes


Make your approach worth something. The buyers mist find you more reliable than others to buy from you.


Share your gig everyday in social media The most effective social media that help you get orders is twitter. You can then apply for different jobs available in your field. If you see an ad you like, click “Send Offer” and sell yourself to the buyer. Don’t give up hope. Better days will come soon. Try heart and soul. Wish you all the best. @sohelmirza23


Thanks to all
Have a nice day


Hi, There
i m new in fiverr and i want to know all of your valuable suggestions


Create Gig, Create and upload attractive gig cover image and write stunning description and title.


Hi Sohel,
Create a unique gig. Also upload unique cover image. And stay online . In Sha Allah I hope you get job.