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How to get the money if I'm under 18?

Hi! So I’m a 15 year old that is trying to get some savings for myself. But, I don’t know how I don"t know how to take the money out of the account. I’ve tried to use my own bank card, but it is not approved, because I’m not yet 18. Now, I want to use my mom’s card to take the money out. Yet it does not let me enter another card. What should I do?


Have you considered PayPal?
Also, register on Payoneer, a Fiverr official partner, most sellers use this to withdraw their earnings. You can register any bank account there, and it’s international.
I hope this helps!


Use payoneer or paypal then transfer it to your desire place.

Also, Payoneer works with any currency.

unfortunately, also Payoneer has an age limit:

A parent could likely open the account and then add an email address for income from the under-18 user. I know that there are other young users who have their parents open PayPal accounts for them. I am not as familiar with Payoneer but I would think it works the same.

Maybe have a mom or dad use Paypal and link it to your Fiverr. You need to link to bank account to connect the paypal.

I don’t know, I think 15 is pretty young. I didn’t start my first Fiverr account until I was 17-18-ish. I’m 23 now.

Fiverr allows 13 and up to have their own accounts. plus there are younger sellers who only sell on their parent’s own account and under supervision. (The most common under thirteens I’ve seen are for things like VO where kids are often needed for cartoons and such and they have a VO parent already on Fiverr.) I’ve seen quite a lot of teenagers who sell on Fiverr, some very successfully.

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Yeah I have seen some young sellers thrive on here. I’m sure alot of their parents supervise them to the least with Paypal, etc. Just watching out for them, I like seeing kids get that money.


You will need a guardian account.

Can I connect any payoneer account with my fiverr account??
Such as the fiverr account is on my name and verified with my passport but the payoneer is on my dad’s name??
Is it possible???

I also like that…

I think I should just refer directly to this topic.