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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Design Gig Purchase

As a seller on Fiverr, I’d like to share some tips for buyers that I’ve learned while doing design work for clients…

  1. Have a good idea of what you want before you purchase.

    Knowing that you want a banner or a business card is great, but you should have an idea of what you want your finished product to look. If you need help determining what you want try:

    a) Google images. Google the type of product you want done (example: soccer web banner) and look through them to to see what you like and what you don’t like. Make a list of these likes and dislikes that you can send to your potential designer.

    b) Make a Pinterest board for your project. You have the ability to keep it “secret” so it does not show up on your Pinterest file. As you surf the web, looking for images/ideas that you like, you can “pin” them here. You will probably see a trend in the images that you like. This will help you flesh out your design needs. Make note of these trends so you can send that to your designer as well.

  2. Communication is King! Write up what you want your design to look/feel like. Remember your lists and notes? Here is where you go through them to see what really matters to you. Once you have your idea on “paper,” contact your chosen designer before you purchase the Gig to see if what you want is something they can do. You could even attach images that you have saved to help you communicate this with your designer. Remember, English is not everyone’s first language. Keeping your instructions clear and to the point will make sure everyone involved knows what is expected of them. If they can do it, great! Press that purchase button and get the ball rolling.

  3. Be available for your designer’s question. There is almost always a question that comes up when designing. Color shades, a better arrangement of images, you name it! So make sure you check your Fiverr account at LEAST daily to answer the questions. Sometimes we designers need your approval on an element before we can move to the next step in the design.

  4. If the designer doesn’t offer it, ask for “proofs” or an sample of how the design is progressing before the delivery date. (By the way, don’t be offended if the designer writes “sample” across it. It is a common practice.) Getting a look at the design before delivery date give you a chance to see if the idea is working and that the designer understands your instructions. A good designer will be very open to making changes and tweaking an image as per the clients needs. This saves both you and the designer time. Who wants to make or wait for unnecessary modifications after deliver? No this designer! And not many buyers. Time is money on both sides of the designer/buyer fence.

  5. Be realistic with your time frames and your expectations. If a designer says it isn’t possible, ask clarifying questions. It could be that it is beyond that designer’s skill set or they are booked solid and cannot fit your work into their calender. Don’t be upset, there is plenty of designers on Fiverr that can do justice to your needs!

    Happy purchasing,


What do you do if you provide a designer an almost exact template of how you would like your design to be created and yet you receive examples that are look worse than yours (And I’m not a graphic designer). How many opportunities does Fiverr let you try to communicate before it is realistic to cancel the order? It was a significant order and the examples to date are not satisfactory.

Hi fonzoola, thanks for replying!

Hmm. I’m not the “powers that be” on Fiverr, but if I was the buyer, I would expect the designer to understand my needs after 3 to 5 attempts. If the designer is totally aware your needs, but is still missing the mark, a mutual cancellation might be best.

Don’t be discouraged with your Fiverr experience. There are plenty of fantastic designers here in the Fiverr sea!

What do you other designers/buyers think?