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How to get the order

Long time No Order, What can be done, Can anyone give any tips, how to get the order? Thanks


This is the most common question asked on the forum, and there are plenty of answers to it. The market has become more difficult over the past few months with the influx of many new people in the wake of COVID, so it may take some time for things to settle into the new normal.

Mostly it boils down to making sure that you have a gig that is well written, clear and not in a marketplace that is already saturated with people offering the same service in the same way. If you aren’t getting orders, then it may be worth looking at how you can make your profile stand out against the competition.

I did have a quick look at your first gig, and on the surface, it look professional and clear. You are offering a limit on revisions, which is sensible. Unfortunately, you are offering unlimited revisions on your other gigs, which tells a customer that you don’t believe you can ever get their job right. So don’t ever offer unlimited revisions :slight_smile:


Hi janeeditor
i got one thing from your comment to not offer unlimited revisions, and i will fix this mistake on my gigs. but could you please visit my gig too and check its correct or not ,

Thanks in advance

Share Your Gig on social media and try to stay online for maximum time. increase your skills. Also, use your Gig keywords correctly and Best.
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have never found such a logical example before!. Thank you @janeeditor