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How to get the ranking of gig back as it was before

I’ve lost my gig ranking of my best selling gig what should i do now to gain that momentum again please help !
It was ranking on 1st to 3rd page now its not even visible for word wordpress website

It happens to me too,but now i have a little rank my gig,
So this was my strategy,
First i have change a title and tags a little bit,
Second i have share my gig url to social network regularly in a day to every Facebook Group and also on twitter so it get clicks and impression …


ok how much time should i have to wait before changing tags i am trying different combinations of tags with a gap of 3-4 days.

I will suggest you to visit my profiles and get some idea from there,
Sometime only one word tags is beneficial and some time two to three words,
its depends on user search what his mind and search them,
i have used both strategies and wait to one or two weeks to see the result,
and do not make changes when you see the effect in ranking,
because continuously editing gig will lose the ranking and gig position,

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Well, You must edit you gig like some keyword change, or thumbnail image or even gig description. And also share on social media for boost. edit 2 times a week if it didn’t work then delete your gig and recreate it.

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ok i will check :slight_smile: