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How to get the title of top rated seller?

Hello guys, i am a level two seller. i dont know how to get TOP RATED SELLER. can anyone suggest what shall i do or how does fiverr mark a seller as top rated and other details like the time period ?

It is an honorary designation.

And a little like trade secrets the exact “sauce” is a secret. However, generally speaking think – do, be, have.

Do a lot on/about/for the site (Sell, buy, converse on the forum, tweet, etc.)

Be here a year or longer and

HAVE patience (send a request making your case from time to time and see what they say you need)

Reply to @anarchofighter: cool…Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: will try this out

Please Read Details here: - See more at:

Looks like you’re off to a good start. Consider adding videos to your gigs, that helps. If you don’t like to be on camera, maybe you can animate something. If you can offer something 100% unique, meaning no one else on Fiverr has done it before, that also helps. If not, try to make your gigs look different (in pictures and your videos) than your competitors.

Reply to @mintyone: okay, that was a cool advice. will definately look at it :slight_smile: thanks

Reply to @graphic24online: Thanks a lot. it helped me :slight_smile: