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How to get this order


please help me someone, give me a little solution.


What solution do you need ?


Hello, could you please explain better?


brother,How to i get order from buyer?


i opened the fiverr account last week. but i didn’t get any order from the buyer and also buyer request. so what can i do for now.


Your recent delivery was 3 days ago and you have 1 good review already. Some people wait months to get their first order. Think you need to be patient. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:



just 1 order , 1 week ,


Better than nothing, and a great start!

@lloydsolutions isn’t a bro by the way, or a dude or a sir etc. :wink:


Great start indeed, hope you get tons more orders.


I didn’t get any order on Fiverr. What can I do in order?
And I didn’t any buyer request send how can I do this?


How is possible plz share this matter.