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How to get thumbnails of my projects removed from reviews?


I have had many positive experiences as a buyer on Fiverr. However, I don’t like the fact that little thumbnails of the work show up on the reviews I give. How can I get them removed?


You have to ask about this to seller before placing order or before the delivery of order. It’s not a big problem.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


What about the ones that are there already - can I ask the sellers to take them down? Is that hard for them to do?


During the review/feedback process, you have the chance to keep the portfolio sample from showing up together with your review.

The seller can’t do anything about portfolio samples that a buyer allowed to show. You could contact support and ask them if they can remove the images manually, I’m not sure if they can.

Edit: in the Buyer Help Center it says you can request removal from support. If you scroll down on the linked page, there’s a “Contact Us” button which will allow you to open a ticket to do so.


Buyer should have option after delivery to show it or not on sellers profile.


That are already… Don’t worry about this. Contact customer support they may help you in this case.


How does one contact customer support? I haven’t been able to find anyway to do this on the website.


Here is the link: