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How to get tips on fiveer

I use fiverr for both purchasing and for my gigs. One thing I've notice is the speed of the sellers reply, sometimes it gets over 5 to 10 minutes to have a respond. This is one of the no-goes here, as it annoys the buyers and can result losing your customer to someone else with similar services.

Today's tips is to remember to reply to your buyers fast as possible and once you have contact with them, just make sure you are ready with your prompt reply. This will give you additional work as well as you will have a bigger chance for tips.

Good luck and happy fiverring :)

There is a huge benefit for fast response times. It depends about the gig but many times the buyer and seller could exchange as many as 5 or 10 messages and if you are delaying your response then it could really take a long time. However if you are responding quickly then it is very likely that the buyer is still by his computer and then you can exchange messages as if it were a chat during days of going back and forth into a 20 minute affair. It’s not always possible to answer but if you can it certainly will help you.

Hello @jameshale. I can see how super fast responses could help with earning tips. I’m a little surprised that since you are a seller your expectation is set so very high. It sounds like you would expect responses in less than 5 minutes at best or less than 15 at worst. As a seller, how do you manage those kind of times and still eat, have family time, bathe, go out and especially sleep?

I am always very pleased if I get responses in 1-3 hours and 10-12 hours is still decent if the seller is not near my time zone. Mobile apps help but I don’t use mine during sleep or bathing, for example. I’d gladly read tips from someone who can consistently beat 5 minutes!

Response times are irrelevant, I respond fast when I’m online. When I’m not, you might have to wait 8 to 10 hours to hear from me. I do check Fiverr several times a day, however.

You get tips when your buyer really loves your work and think it’s worth more than what he paid for. If he buys an e-mail, and it’s the best damn e-mail he’s ever seen, one he barely has to edit or none at all, maybe he’ll give you $5-$20.

Other times they might select you tip gig extra with the hopes that you work a little harder or deliver sooner. It’s important to reward those buyers right away.

In the end, the ideal situation is that the buyer provides instructions in one message, not five, and you deliver work that requires no revisions or explanations. However, if he asks for a revision and you do a great job, he might give you a tip. But personally, I’d rather not waste time.

Remember people, we’re vendors, not employees. Our buyers are not our bosses, we don’t have to keep revising the work until they love it. Do your best, but don’t kill yourself, it’s not worth it.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

Hey, thanks for your contribution and question. Well its a fact that buyers don’t like waiting for a long time as you already know. If you are not available the next guy could be and your $$ can go to your competitor, it happened to many of us. And frankly the important fact is to be on alert when you finally have a contact and buyers asking you a series of question, here’s where you do not want to make them wait. if you can manage this, you will remove the obscurity and start earning more money.

The question is not the problem but how to solve it. It’s actually not that hard to accomplish. Whatever gig you are having just make sure to write small information about your working hours, and when you’re available online, that will allow buyers to understand and you will have bigger chance getting more sales. That’s how I do it.

Best of luck to everyone.

Well, I get tip all the time and this is what i do and works me, you do what works for you, pal.