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How to get to a new Seller Level FASTER?

Hey guys I still have to reac Seller 1 Level…

I’ve found out it will be very hard to reach the next Level if I keep selling $5 gigs.

Even If I try to upsell a customer it’s very hard they will pay more than $10…

What did you do to reach the next level faster? Should I add more gigs to my profile?

Upsell for more than $10 ? How?

Thank you.


Yes, you will need 100x $5 orders to reach $400.
If you want to upsell something, you need to convince your buyer whether is this worth it. As there are tons of sellers offering low prices. The buyer will just go for the cheaper ones.

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I’m making bids on Buyer Requests and I’m earning way more than my standard gigs. You could try that as well


Have you tried doubling your basic price to $10?

It can feel like a giant leap of faith, but most buyers who are will to pay $5 will pay $10.

Let’s be honest, $10 is still pocket change to many people.

You can then potentially upset to $15 or $20 for example.


thanks I will try

I have a bestselling gig writing facebook ads copy starting from $5

at this point I think I can offer two copy texts for $5 and if they need more copy/texts I can do it for $10 or more? thanks

Well it depends on the gig you are selling. multiple gigs in multiple categories can help or a different aspect of work in the same category as your main gig. For example your main gig can be content writing, you can have another gig in the category that can be set optimization of articles or proofreading. 2 distinct services in the same category.

You may just have to grind it out til you hit level and raise pricing then. Building traction on the platform is one of the hardest things about this platform compared to other freelance platforms but the fact we don’t have to bid for work makes it more then worth it.

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