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How to get to level 1 as fast as possible?

GREETINGS GREAT PEOPLE. I need some sincere advices to reach level 1 as fast as possible. I am well aware of the fact the hard work and smart work, both are needed to reach your goals. First i had a low end pc and that’s why i did not take video editing on fiverr seriously. Now i am having a high end pc which fulfills all video editing requirements and now i am willing to put all the efforts. I have worked on 3 orders so far and i need some sincere advices over getting orders very frequently. can you guys please help me out with that?


Move your topic to “My Fiverr Gigs” category or remove the links from your post please.

Posting Gig links is allowed in “My Fiverr Gigs” category only. It’s the forum rule.


My Bad, I did not know about it

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It depends on your working talented

true! What i am interested is in some suggestions with regards to getting customer response through buyer requests

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This type of question has been asked and answered on this forum over a million times.
The first thing you need to do when joining fiverr and asking for advice on the forum is to first look up “fiverr gig advice” or anything similar in the search bar, and you can read the millions of topics there.