How to get to the first customer?


I’m new to the fiverr site, I tried to follow the discussion here and learn how to get to the customer. I set up a couple of gigs in each category I tried to write professional gigs as far as I could. I send job requests on a daily basis in the “Purchase Request” daily 10. I try to write in these requests briefly what I can do and why I would choose me. But they still can not reach the first customer :frowning:

Do you have any suggestions on how to get to that famous first buyer?



Please keep patience and submit buyers request daily,
Sometimes it will takes time but I hope you will get your first order as soon as possible.

And please share your gigs on social media sites.



Try to do some paid marketing it will boost your sales


Can you explain to me specifically?


Use Twitter and Facebook paid marketing tool


Same issue still not getting orders.


@kazi1988 Okay. Thank you for your help


Copy one of the most recent offers you sent to a buyer’s request. Let’s have a look and see what you’re doing wrong :slight_smile:

PS. Your profile description will be used as meta description in Google search. So write something meaningful that actually explains what you do :wink:

This is not really helpful :slight_smile:

Hello, dear Fiverr users! My name is Marko and I was born and I live in Belgrade, the Serbian capital.

Also your gigs are all over the place. Pick maximum 2 categories that you’re really good at and offer these. You can have multiple gigs, but too many categories aren’t usually a good.


@uxreview Here you go :smile: I will correct Profile description thanks for suggestions


I mean what did you write to the customer? How did you try to sell your service?


@uxreview Sorry :frowning: I didn’t understand it well. Did you mean this?


First of all, you’re bidding on the wrong requests. You have 5 years of experience and 300+ websites behind you. Why are you bidding on $5 jobs? None of these even say what exactly they need. How can you bid on requests with limited information? You know they can easily accept your offer and then you’re either forced to deliver something you don’t want or cancel and lose your ranking. This so-called little modification might easily be a plugin development.

Tip #1
Start bidding on requests that actually match your skills and experience.

Tip #2
Take more than 30 seconds to write a proper offer :wink:
These one-line responses will be ignored. Instead write about your experience, explain the value you can provide and talk about your work process.

Tip #3
You have a ton of work to do on your profile.

  • Get a better picture of yourself. A professional photo where you’re actually looking at the camera.
  • Get rid of the photoshop gigs. There are thousands of sellers offering background removal for $5. Why do you want to compete with them? You won’t have any future in it either. You won’t get $100 for a background removal.
  • Focus on Wordpress development or translation.
  • For the translation gig you can create a video. Talk about your experience as a translator. (If you haven’t worked as a translator and your grammar is not perfect then drop that gig as well)
  • Write a better gig description for your Wordpress gig. If possible, make a video portfolio. However, don’t use a cheap whiteboard video. There are plenty of those.
  • If you wish to offer maintenance service then list the issues you can fix.
  • If you wish to offer web development then pick a framework or a theme, learn it and focus only on a specific niche. There are way too many “I will build everything” gigs out there. For example, I focus only on local businesses(mom and pop stores) offering some type of offline service. I don’t do any eCommerce, membership nor affiliate sites. I leave these to others.

Once you’ve done all of this then start reading

And if you really want to take this to the next level then look up WP Elevation and sign up for the next course.

Help around the gigs

There are not many requests for the Wordpress at 4 o’clock I got one request :frowning:

I will do my best to work from now on :slight_smile:

I tried to fix a ton of work on the profile :smile:

  • I added a better picture
  • I’ve deleted all the gigs
  • There’s only one gigs about wordpress
  • I made the concert even better I added a video (Video is waiting for approval)

The gig can be seen here

Is it good enough?


It’s up to you, but I’d say don’t waste your time on requests that are not worth it. There are so many other things you can do instead such as improving your portfolio and upskilling to provide a better service.
You’ll see more requests once you get to the higher level. I usually see about 50 requests per day because I’m level 2.

Your gig still needs work

  • rename gig title to something that shows the value your service brings. Customers are not looking for someone to install Wordpress. Most hosting companies provide 1-click solution for that.
  • Blue slide in the video is difficult to read. Use bullet points to explain the value of your service and website mockups are too small.
  • Your gig description needs to focus on the value of your service.
    – You’re offering a theme with 2 plugins in the basic package.
    – What kind of theme? Why it matters? Which plugins? Why only 2 plugins?

Think about your clients and what are they looking for. Most buyers don’t care how many plugins they get. They want their website to be secure, easy to manage, mobile-friendly and optimized to offer the best user experience. How many plugins you need for that is up to you.

Besides, what can you do with 2 plugins?

  • You need a plugin or a service to keep the site secure
  • You need another plugin for backups, unless you manage it through a service
  • You probably need one for lead generation (A contact form probably)
  • Something to integrate social media and build subscribers list
  • Plugin such as Yoast SEO for on-page optimization
  • Most likely something for browser caching unless you use external service
    …and the list goes on :slight_smile: