How to get too many orders?


Hello to everyone!

I am using Fiverr from last 2 months. And At the beginning, I have got too many orders and do you know what, I have a become a level 2 seller. But from last 2 weeks, I haven’t got a single order. So, my question is what should I do to get too many orders?

Can anyone help me and can you please tell me what i am doing wrong so that I can work upon those problems and can soonly correct it.



Probably just a slump. We all get those now and then.

What are you doing to promote your gigs outside of Fiverr?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I am doing nothing. Can you suggest me some ways, please.


How to Create and Promote your gigs

Aid to attracting buyers

Three simple principles to become a great seller!


the 89% feedback rating is not helping you much either. personally i would worry about ordering from anyone under 95% and definitely wouldn’t order from anyone with less than 90%


You can use blog, social media like facebook twitter youtube. I got my all orders from my twitter account. You should also try. thank you