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How to get "Top Level" in fiverr



i m second level seller here on fiverr with 4.9+ ratting.

From last few days, i have been looking some top level user profile, as i have see , they have less number of review than me, still they got “top level”

I research about this, they say you need to be active in community to get “Top level”

does any one have any idea about this ? any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance


I am a level 01 seller. But it’s also a question for me. :blush:


I read somewhere once that you need to be active in the community on fiverr - such as welcoming new members, and posting new topics etc on the forums to get top seller. I’m a level 2 seller and have been for months because I’ve only just gotten around to starting to write in the forums. That’s just what I saw though, someone else may have more information than that :slight_smile:


My Suggestion : Don’t wait for Top Level - cuz TOP levels do comes by editorial team handpick.
Do Best, whatever you’re doing :slight_smile:


Posting on the forum won’t make you a TRS. Most Top Rated Sellers have never posted on the forum before getting their badge.


Hahah my mistake then! I’m not sure where I read that, but it was ages ago, so likely got lost in translation!

PS Catwriter - I love all of your cat pics on your gigs!! <3


Thanks for reply:blush: