How To Get Traffic On Gig


Can Any One Tell Me How To Get Traffic On Your Gigs


You’re recommended to share it on your own on any social media.
Then look at some buyer request and apply for the one that you’re interested in.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, they’ll randomly put your gig on the top page which makes some freelancer a kickstart. There’re also some gigs that get recommended by the admin to be on the top pages too.

Note that your gig description and uniqueness would play a big role on whether the customer will choose yours over other gigs or not. Appealing is also playing an important role. And the most important, the reliability that you’ve shown on your gig. (Such as complete profile, Works examples, portfolio, etc.)

Once you’ve finished some task and get more reviews, your gig will be more likely to come to the top page and get more exposure to the customers.

I hope you get something new out of this!


thanks you so much that helps me a lot:blush:


Thank you for the tips.