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How to get Voiceover offers so you can compare apples to apples


Have you ever gotten bids for voiceovers where one seller quotes in time and one seller quotes in words? Or have you gotten male voices responding to your need for female voices? What you get all depends on what you ask for, right? A simple way to compare all the offers you get is to make sure that you provide these minimum bits of information in your request: word count, gender, language or accent.

I recommend word count over the length of your video because you’ll notice that every VO artist on Fiverr lists the words included in their gigs. Video time might have two word phrases every 10 seconds or it might be a rapid-fire pharmaceutical advertisement. Run time IS important, but that information needs to come after word count.

Make sense? Happy Requesting!


An additional note - have a powerpoint? Don’t give the seller the number of slides - that tells them nothing about how long the script is. You could have 1 word on a slide or 100 so any quote you get from a seller is a complete shot in the dark.


I agree, with one caveat. If you’re planning on contacting a Seller to ask “how long with the time be on this script” or something similar, read it out loud yourself first before contacting the Seller before asking for price/length of the project on a script.

Proactive steps like these can eliminate the a lot of issues for both Buyers and Seller. Plus, it not only helps you as a Buyer figure out the speed of which you would like you Seller to read something or if it’s too fast. In the same sense, it will help you understand (realistically) if the price/length of the project needs to be extended or that the script needs to be shortened to meet any requirements.


That is a good tip but some buyers make the mistake of assuming that voice artists read and record a script once. When a buyer is considering how much VO costs, it’s important to remember that it takes 3 to 5 times longer than the finished product to record, edit and produce the final take.