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How to get work for your unrated gig ...?

let think you are doing wed developing something like this .When you have message form buyer then how to ask form the budget form the seller …? i mean budget range

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the your comment.My all gigs are related to programming field then we can’t do the work for $5 then i always ask from buyer i need this rate(some thing like cost extra) after that they say that was the refuse price .we will find some one else

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There are plenty of small programming tasks that can be done in under 10 minutes. Why not just time yourself and see how many rows of code you can type in each language, then edit your gigs accordingly. For bigger jobs use the gig extras and multiples until you get to level 2 and get access to the custom price quotes.

as the ToS say’s you have to be at $5 for a work if you’re not yet able to add extra in you’re gig, but i think you’re free to split you’re work in different part and get 1 order for each part of it…

That’s what i did when i didn’t had the extra feature yet

I’m doing dev stuff too, like software and things, and i know it’s not worth it for $5 sometimes, so i just found that way, i think it’s fair …