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How to get you first order on fiverr?

hello friends

I have faced problems so can anyone tell me the problem, I am here on Fiverr since Aug 2018 but I still not receiving any order however, I do optimize my gig and all that buyer’s request.
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so help me friends
thank you

Most newbies face a tough challenge of getting their first order on Fiverr. Because buyers love buying from experienced sellers who have at least one order and a positive rating.

My first successful sale on Fiverr came from buyer requests. If you don’t know what that is, its when a potential client posts work on the platform looking for freelancers. Then you are supposed to send a buyer request (same as proposal or bid as known on other platforms) to them. The person with the best offer or bid wins the project.

And Optimize your gig so that buyers can easily find you. But before you optimize your gigs make sure that they have professionalism. Create a gig using correct grammar and well-structured sentences.

Can you tell me how many buyer requests you sent?
Did you copy paste same buyer request message to also other requests.
Don’t copy paste same message to buyers.

50% of Beginners get their first order from the buyer requests. Because it took some time to rank your gigs in Fiverr search engines. When your gig is ranked then it is challenging for buyers to trust on the Beginner and gave him an Order. But you can solve this problem by sending the buyers request.

Try to send the Best Relevant Request. (e.g if the buyer asked for a WordPress Design then you should send offer related to the WordPress)

i dont have any Buyer Requests for response even 0 out of 10