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How to get you first order

How to get first order on fiverr.
this question comes on everybody’s mind when anyone creates an account on Fiverr first.
This is not a simple job that you will get it right at the beginning you creat gigs.
you have to work hard you have to be updated on your work.
watch your gigs impression views click if it is increasing than good
your impression is increasing and your views is increasing means people are reaching to you but why you are not getting order means there is something that, the people entering on your gigs may not like your service or may he is not well satisfied with your offer.

so there is a need for changing your gigs order.
allow them more things in less amount all the offer that they will definitely order you.
give them such an offer that on every view you will get order with that person.

simple things if views are coming but you are not getting order then there you need to change your proposal.


Please read this article


i will read your article it, maybe it will teach me other now things

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I want to know, how to get first order.

it is depending on you gigs photo as well as on your offer.
first please make you gigs photo s attractive or with good offer so buyars cant let you go.

Thanks for your tips

Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you claim to offer 100% accuracy, but have “taxt” in your gig picture, it’s highly unlikely anyone is going to order.

They might laugh, but they’re not going to order.

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welcome glade to have positive review

Im sorry, but you joined hours ago. I may be wrong but, I don’t believe you have much valuable experience to give advice and guidance to new comers to Fiverr. Also, you have not added anything new or useful to what resources are already offered there on the forum for new joiners. Some of us have been here for months, years even, and still can’t give tips and advice. Please don’t clutter the forum.

Then look it up. There are thousands of posts on this already.

If you want to know something, you need to research.

New here, just waiting for orders to arrive, Hello everyone