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How to get your 1st sale on Fiver?

Its been more than 2 months since i joined Fiverr, and i use it very regularly, i read forums and has gone through the basics. But still i haven’t made my 1st sale yet. I spent all of my buyer requests (10/10 ) daily and still i can’t get a sale.
I almost feel like giving up on Fiverr, But I am not a Quitter. I just want to make a Sale at any cost, and i will do what ever it takes me to achieve that. Can you guys give me some tips ? or go through my profile and tell me what I am missing ?

I know you said you’ve read a lot, but I would suggest reading one particular post and the comments on it. If you don’t want to read it, just go far enough down and you’ll see the OP even put a link to an audio version. It might help you and there also helpful comments on it and links to other posts in the comments:

Your gigs so far are very similar to others being sold by many, many other sellers. I don’t see a lot to really make you stand out. Anyway, read the post I linked and give it some thought.

ohh thankyou for the honest Opinion on my Gigs. I truly Needed that. and yes I am reading that post. (Y)

yea that was a nice read…thanks @fonthaunt :slight_smile: