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How to get Your First Client on Fiverr?

Hey! I created 2 gigs and added interesting images, titles and tags. But I have never had any customers. What am I doing wrong? I actually havent got any clicks.

My page if you interest to look:


You are offering design services but only show 1 example of your work. You have 3 images available to upload for each gig. You need to use all of them.

Also, your gig image and description are contradictory - half of your text emotes show 7 or 8 letters, but in your description you limit the amount of letters to 5? This is really odd, and makes it seem like the work displayed isn’t yours, since you’re stating you can’t do something which is shown in the image previews.

Also, the gig images aren’t exactly very eye catching. A giant black screen with a few pops of colour probably won’t stand out very much. You should showcase your work examples better, and make them bigger - the tiny size makes them look pretty low-quality. Even though text emotes need to be small, if you’re showcasing your ability, people need to be able to see them.

Your gig images also look kind of “stretched” in an odd way. Not sure if this is just the font, or a resizing issue, but these kinds of things really are not acceptable when you’re advertising design services.


Thank you very much for giving me ideas and suggestions. I will try them all.

I would suggest keeping trying by sending Buyer Requests for at-least few more months. Advertise your gig on social media. Like, share it on Facebook groups. Find the groups that are related to your niche. Collaborate there and Ask your clients to order you on fiverr.

Good Luck


Thank you very much!

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You should show more types of twitch emotes, not only texts.

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I will try! Thank you so much.