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How to get your first client?


Many people here start selling with luck, other publish their gigs in other sites, others use forums and blogs. Personally i got my first client by luck and couldnt be more greateful. I would love to hear everyone stories on how they started, because many are struggling to get their first client. How long did it take you? what do you think was your secret??

Linking Social Media

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Reply to @jdyarbrough: hey congrats!!! keep it going! yes social media does help. what about google where do you post it?


I joined 17 days ago and it took two days to get my first gig. Once I got my first review it has picked up a little bit. I am almost at a level 1. I found putting the gig on Facebook and Google increased my impressions and views. Good luck and let’s hang in there. :slight_smile:



@jdyarbrough I am a newbie to Fiverr. I am positive that I will get my first gig, too. :wink:


Me too ! Just published my gig. Waiting for client


I’ve been on Fiverr for awhile and got orders. I just started back again, any tips? My gigs are good, but not getting any orders.


To be honest mate best thing is to advertise, jump on every buyer request even if it doesn’t suit you, I applied for female voice acting because the buyers may think they want one thing but sometimes will jump to others if their hard working and have good credibility.

Sell yourself on social media, twitter, reddit, Facebook and any others.

Most of all try to advertise yourself in real life, make business cards and hand them out to bring in buyers.


@srgraphicsbuzz Yes. Let’s just stay positive someone might ask for our
service. :wink: :wink:


Thanks! @fonthaunt :blush:


I still haven’t got my first client yet but since I’m new here, I still have hope and also reading people’s different experiences was really useful :relieved:


On my old profile last year, I’ve waited approx. 2 months in order to get the first order. I did nothing during that time.

With my new profile, which was created 3 months ago, I received the first order the first night, 10 minutes after I created the gig and then I haven’t received a new order in weeks.

This process of attracting customers based solely through your gig is pure luck and you can’t depend on it.

What you can depend on, is probably the Buyer Request area (BR) where you can send 10 offers daily to buyers with specific requests. I am not going to explain how this works as there are plenty of topics about it, but what I do is simply reply to each buyer individually and personally to what he or she requests and then again, wait for response.

I might eventually try to promote my gig elsewhere (probably Facebook/Instagram ads) and I am in hopes that I can attract a few customers with that.

I’ve also bought some traffic to one of my gigs, but I only get views and no leads so far.

So to all new sellers, I’d only recommend the BR area. Devour all that there is on this forum about that and you’ll be fine.

Good luck!


its been a week I have made account on fiverr and posted my gigs. I havent got any customer yet! how long usually it takes to ? :slight_smile:


Where’s that piece of string so I can measure it?

It could be days, weeks, months - you’re in a very popular category - what can you do to make your gigs stand out?

This might help you:


Thanks, this is really helpful! I have had older gig offers before, but that was a long time ago when I didn’t really know what I was doing. Now I’m offering proofreading and editing work, but I am struggling to reach buyers. This has given me a few ideas! :blush:


I got my first client after 4 months. This is relly hard to get first order in fiverr.


Are you marketing, promoting or reaching out to the people who need your services? If you’re not doing this, how do you expect anyone to know that your gigs exist?


Yes, It’s really a great market place. Everybody trying to help each other.