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How to get your first order [ 1 MONTH EXPERINCE ]

Hey guys,

In this topic, I’m gonna tell you “How you can get first Fiverr order”. Well, I’m new to this Fiverr platform my account is one year old which I created this last year but I officially started this as a freelancer last month. So This is my one-month experience and I’ve gathered so many things this far and today I’m gonna share those things with you guys. First of all, you can go to my Fiverr account to check that I’m telling it true or not =). ( )

There are lots of videos, threads, and topics about “How you can get first order in Fiverr”. The thing is that thing that tutorials are not common to every single seller. I just created a Fiverr gig a month ago and now I got 3 orders which is awesome. Here are my strats,

  1. You have to take this seriously - Give your full time and full effort to build up a professional Fiverr account.
  2. What’s your talent? - Fiverr is a huge E-products service center. There are lots of services that you can provide. Pick a service that you can provide confidently to customers.
  3. Create a professional and eye-catching gig - When you’re creating a gig plan, take time, and give your full effort for that.
  4. Gig thumbnail - When you’re creating a gig make sure to upload a gig video about your service because of Gig videos more engageable than gig photos ( Fiverr Recommended ) and make sure to edit like a professional. People love to click play buttons more than just looking at a picture.
  5. SEO Your gig - You can create 7 gigs. Search keywords that relate to your service niche and put them in the title, gig description, and FAQ text ( Remember don’t use the same keyword many times in Fiverr gig description )
  6. Create a sample of your work ( Portfolio ).
  7. Share your gigs on Facebook Fiverr groups, Pinterest, and other social media.
  8. More buyer requesters - To get more buyer request you have to add skill in your Fiverr account relating to your services and make sure select skill level “Expert
  9. Be the first one who offers - Once you’ve shown the buyer request check the “offer” table and first select low amount offer request and send offer to them first. because sellers are always only checking the first 10 or 20 offers so If you offer between that and if you had a satisfying gig they will order you for sure.
  10. When you’re sending a buyer request offer make sure to send them a suitable and relating gig.

Follow these tips and give something from the bottom of your heart and be honest. You’ll make it guys don’t worry =) Good luck to everyone.



Thanks for your suggestions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Where can I find the “offer” and buyer request?

There’s a Colum called “Offers”