How to get your first project on any freelance portal?


Upload work samples.
use your mobile apps
Low / competitive pricing
Be soft in terms
…Thats what I think so for…


…use your own profile picture. I like how you haven’t plagiarized someone else’s writing here, so half a gold star for you. However, you haven’t made any sales which leaves you unqualified to dish out advice on getting that first sale–particularly with such asinine points that have already been shared by people above, below, and at your caliber with varying degrees of success. Usually none.


Do you want to get a 1-star rating on your profile?
For god’s sake, remove all the crap from your gig description that you can’t deliver.

  • I guarantee you top rankings in Map Listing and Google Organic Result
  • As per your job description is concern, i am glad to state that i have already done such type of jobs with happy and satisfied customer with my quality work
  • I will provide you free domain name for your web portal.

You can guarantee ranking, free domain name and high-quality work without even knowing client’s requirements and project specification - amazing :smiley:

I have a couple of development projects open right now, let me know if you want to get that 1-star rating because you can’t deliver most of the stuff you promise. I could really use .academy domain for free that ranks at the top of the list on the first day :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. You’re not allowed to share your Skype and Gmail address under FAQ’s.


He won’t reply. He’s too busy trying to find another thoughtful article to spam, or perhaps deciding what tips work that his own brain comes up with–you know, as someone with absolutely no sales under his belt, he’s qualified to offer that sort of insightful advice.

Also, you can bet the gig descriptions are C&P from somewhere.

But let us be soft in terms.


at least it seems like he took your advice and changed his profile photo…


That was @catwriter, I think. Shame OP’s English isn’t good enough to realize he has to log in and out of the forum to get that profile picture to change on the forum, leaving his deception wide open for everyone to see. Let’s see if he reads this and acts on it!


The suspense is killing me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And yes, it was me. :smile_cat:


What to do if no one message you even after doing all those things you have mentioned ?