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How to get Your First Project on Fivverrrr?


People when join fiverr first time they don’t get order for many days…?
How to solve this issue…??
Are you suffering from this issue??
I have the same issue can anyone help me??
Here is my gig link:


Getting first order depends on your gig. If your gig is unique and description is clear then you will get your first order quickly. Dont copy paste from other gig and try to find a unique title for your gig. Try to change your gig tags and promote your gig in social media. Hope you will get you first order soon.
Thank You

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Now, we are in the same situation…We have years of experience in other major platforms and decided to open field in Fiverr, but this situation disappoint us because there is no order, if you know tips to change this, let us know, thank you!


It’s mostly about keyword focus, getting initial exposure, and selling well with lots of positive feedback. If you aren’t selling after about a months time, try changing your tags and title around to better focus your gig and get an idea from competitors on what kind of targeting they seem to be doing to better determine a focus for your gig.


Thanks for this advice. I also just started, but it’s hard to come up with a unique take on my gig (it’s voice-over, and there appears to be a lot of competition…) I’m hoping to refine things a bit and come up with some eye-catching, distinguishing description of what I do, but I’m not quite sure how to do that now.


If you can do specific voices that may help, I see themed voice-overs in some areas with very little competition. I have a voice-over gig as well as my SEO gigs but it gets buried in searches it seems no matter what kind of keyword phrasing I use as it’s incredibly over saturated.

If possible offering more words and a shorter delivery time may attract more buyers and once you build up enough feedback to reduce it down to back to your original focus. One of the biggest sellers I see in content writing for example is someone offering two articles for the price of one which of course is more work but if you get the volume of work, the scale of work doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

For example $100 in orders is better than $10 in orders even if you get less of a rate per hour. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Even other gigs sort of relevant to create then send over and make package deals with your voice-overs could help. Have you tried contacting people for guest posts on reputable blogs to essentially talk about your voice-overs and offer some kind of unique bargaining chips that others don’t? Discounts on bulk orders, more wording as stated, things like this?

I see “pirate lawyer” and “friendly movie guy” so perhaps carving these out into their own independent gigs in a “just for fun” category with less competition might be a good idea? Or rather “fun and bizarre” is the only category left, just for fun appears to have been removed from categories.

Basically, carving out your own voice that no-one else is offering, even if it’s for humor could be a good way to go, and some people may want a little humor for their business rather than your standard voice-over, so try a focus like that :slight_smile:


Great response. Thanks


Agreed - that’s a good idea. Thanks!


keep sharing your gigs on social media. I did that and i have earned $150 in less than 24 days since i sighed on fiverr


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Advertise on social media such as twitter, facebook, etc., chat on the forums, and being active as possible. Hope these help!


Found some useful tricks here, keep them coming. Thanks.


I agree with you on some points and but not on every point…

Voice Over category over here on Fiverr is filled with loads of voice talents some of them are not even Voice talents they are just offering Voice Over service just because they have a Mic and audio setup… and some of them are very very good voice talents … trust me i have been in this industry for close to 10 Years now… i have seen same quality Voice Overs being offered for 100 to 500$ where as here on fiverr it starts at 5$ :slight_smile:

I think the USP that you need to offer as Voice Talent is Be Honest and second offer Voice Overs in less than 24 Hrs or less… because most the clients who Hire Voice talents on Fiverr want Quick Delivery of Voice Overs…


@freelancemm great response. thank you.


Hahah @rockinflash I almost want to order that pirate voice-over. Would be good as a novelty, try marketing it on Youtube marketing linking back to your gig and some PPC campaigns too, I think it will be quite popular as long as you get the initial exposure and orders. Anyone that searches the word pirate will find you very quickly, whether people are searching for pirate as a keyword who knows! You could also pass your gig off to editors to see if they want to potentially favor your gig if they like it enough :slight_smile:

I would also recommend mixing in keywords such as “fun”, “bizarre” “funny” and ones that are relevant to the categories in your title, description, and tags for a better chance of ranking better in broad searches.


No problem, hope it helps :slight_smile:


how to advertise my gig on facebook. because my friends are not buyers. Is there any way to share my gig with buyers.


I have a facebook posting services if you have difficulty to it


Where do you post? Can you give me details?


Yes, I’m new here. already 15 days gone. I didn’t get any project. Experts please see my profile and let me know if have any suggestion for gigs. Also please suggest me that, How can I get project?