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How to get your first vo gig on fiverr

ok so i am just getting started in doing voice overs and on fiverr so my question is ho can i land my first gig on fiverr? and what should i expect on fiverr?


getting first order is not easy sometimes, because you don’t have any reviews, any work samples and etc…

It is better to promote your gigs on social media in order to get your first orders.


i have been trying to promote on facebook and on youtube but thats all the social media i have is there any thin else i should do to boost my chances of landing a gig ?


Buyer requests are your friend.


Hey Aaron,

I’d recommend re-thinking your demo audio a bit. The points you’re making are all good, but it sounds like you’ve just hit record on your microphone and kind of rambled a bit. Your clients are going to be sending you scripts, so you’ll want your intro audio to have at least one element of you reading from a script in there.

Also, your setup sounds really crackly… The mic you’ve got going directly into your computer is going to be your issue here. You need to be looking at a more professional setup if you’ve got the budget for it. A good condenser microphone, an audio interface to your computer, some kind of sound booth (we use something called the IsoVox, which stops us from having to build a dedicated booth in our home), some post-production software (which you’re going to need to learn how to use) are all essential for getting a professional sound.

Hope this helps, but do ask if you’ve got other questions.


thank you so much for all the info when i made that audio bite i didnt have any software to edit it or clean it up i do now have audacity and have learned alot about using it my mic is a mb800 xlr mic but i do still need to get a preamp with phantom power i dont have a booth just yet so i hang thick blankets up in a small back room for now ill post an updated audio bite on here later today to see what you think
again thank you so much for all the help

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I received my First Order from Buyer request, so continuously send the buyer request…


how do you send buyer request ?


ok so i found the buyer request but most all of them are for other languages other than English so not sure how much work i can get of there but ill try

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Your demo reel is your money maker. Getting sales lies 80% on your demo reel, when you’re a voice artist.After that, your offerings, prices, the algorithm, how you sell yourself all come second. So I’m going to talk about your demo reel because it’s the absolute biggest factor in you getting sales or not.

Your audio quality is terrible. Like really, really awful. No one will hire you with that level of audio quality because it would be unusable for their projects. I’m really not trying to sound harsh - it just sounds like you’ve recorded your demo with your laptop computer mic, which are usually some of the worst mics you can actually use. If you have an iphone or decent android, even using that mic would provide better sound. Your current audio is muffled, distorted, and full of background noise. Editing that in audacity will clean up some of the background noise but that’s about it, you need to re-record. Your demo needs to showcase the audio quality you can promise to your clients. If you have a good quality xlr mic, why aren’t you using that for your demo?

Doing a little intro to yourself is fine, but you should spend much much less time on it. A 5 second intro to who you are is ok, but you need to actually show demos of WHAT you can do, not just explain that you can do it. The stuff you talked about in your demo would be much better said in your description, or left until the end of your demo reel. You should be demonstrating how your voice actually sounds doing a commercial script, or a character script, or whatever it is you want to offer as a service. In theory, you could show your commercial VO skills through advertising yourself so to speak, but you’d still need to completely change your demo because you don’t sound confident and you’re not actually demonstrating much voice acting skill. You sound nervous, hesitant, unsure, and you’re using too much filler (things like “so…”, “ok”, “uh”) 99% of the time, people aren’t going to want this in their scripts. Preferably you should be showing 10-20 second snippets of different scripts and different styles in order to demonstrate your range to potential clients.

The person who helped me with my demo told me something pretty important - most clients will not listen to more than 10 seconds of your reel. You need to already have their interest within 10 seconds. Your demo, both in content and audio quality, fails to meet this standard.

I want to add that I’m not saying by any means that you aren’t talented or don’t have the ability to do this, because it does sound like you have a passion for it - you just need to create a demo reel that will do this passion and your ability justice.


On another note, you’re also charging too much. You’re charging around the standard price for level 1 - level 2 sellers with hundreds/thousands of reviews. Some people would disagree with me on this, but I got sales within the first week of starting here without actually doing anything other than uploading a decent demo reel that showed my good audio quality and ability, by setting my prices ridiculously low in order to get those first few sales and start building up feedback.

I was doing 500 words of recording for $5, and within a month I already had like 50 reviews, and then I started increasing my prices every month - 2 months as I built up experience, feedback, etc. I still don’t charge as much as you’re asking for lol, and voice acting is my full time job now. There is no incentive for people to hire you, a person with 0 feedback, when you’re charging the same as people with 1000 reviews. They have no reason to trust you yet.


I don’t want to sound rude, but you have to get a better demo.

I’m doubting you’ve even got your microphone turned on and the sound is being recorded by your laptop sound card instead.

Put yourself in the buyers shoes, would you purchase a voice over when the demo quality isn’t great? A decent demo should take you no more than an afternoon and last 90 seconds.

You’ll get there - but you have to put more effort in.


thank you all for the help im going to work on getting a preamp so my xlr mic gets picked up they way it should because all though i was using it when i made the audio bite you cant tell so ive removed the gig i posted an will post a better one when i can get a preamp but thank you all so much for the help

just an update i got my preamp/audio interface in the mail yesterday now i just have to set it up and then ill make a new vo bite and see what ya’ll think

ok so i learned that the xlr mic was not picking up on the lap top without a preamp and now that i have one it sounds so much better so i posted a new gig and welcome any feed back i can get on it

I would first invest in some proper gear. Your audio quality isn’t where it should be at all, as previously pointed out in the responses here.

I would take some courses in acting as well, and some beginners course for voice-overs. I recently took the course that Keith has on Fiverr - and even though I’ve been in the business for around 10 years now, and consider myself a professional, he had a lot of useful information. So I recommend taking that course as well.

After you have worked on your technique, invested in some proper gear, treated your recording space properly, and gained some more knowledge, you can come back to this. Being a VO isn’t just about setting up a USB microphone, a pop-filter, and hitting record. You need to learn about the equipment, techniques, acting, and have a properly treated room/studio.

I know this might be a bit off-putting at this point. I started out just like you did once, with a cheap mic and no skills in voice over work. Today I’m working with several AAA brands and companies out there, but I’m still learning every day. So don’t give up if you really want to be a VO. It’s a great line of work.

I look forward to hearing your work in the future!


I would look up these resources as well, on Youtube. Great guys, doing great work.

And take the course that Keith made here on Fiverr.


We regularly watch Booth Junkie and Bill DeWees here too. Great resources. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also recommend Mike Russell

If you need advice on mics, try

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Mike Russel is a great resource as well - just don’t use his processing for voice-over. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also started a new similar gig, but mine’s a video spokesperson. Here’s some tips

  • Make sure your gig is uniquely yours (i.e. not the same cookie cutter service out there, something that makes you stand out)

  • Lower your prices to $5 first to get some positive reviews, money will come in later

  • Do you have a video description? If not, create a good one. It will go a long way

Hope it helps.