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How to get your fist gig on Fiverr

I have been reading and re-reading various posts and articles on how to get started and start selling on Fiverr. I am a bit of a control freak so I like to know what I am getting into. I have been around Fiverr a lot lately, just browsing around reading views and experiences; and I just wish I could just fast forward to a time where I receive work easily. I have been working as a writer for the last 7 years, and there are not many industries I have not covered. I love learning and experiencing new things, and that is exactly what I am here to do. I am here to find different types of work that will push me to learn something new. But as of now, I am just waiting and hoping to get noticed enough to score my first gig. I have even offered to work for cheap price, added videos, images, posted on various social media accounts; and nothing. So if you are a buyer who is willing to take a chance, I am here.

I will may be In future

Will look forward to working with you.

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Hello @atzahoor,
I see you are new here and welcome. :slight_smile: I m not too long here, but I learn fast all about Fiverr and I will try to help you with few little things.
First, I need patience here, because here is a lot of amazing workers and you need to promote yourself and show your work to potential buyers.
SO, check your GIGs description, tags, titles, try to find which keywords are good for your job and put them trough text. After that use buyer request, but find request which matches your skills.
And, the best things could promote your GIGs trough Social Media, other forums and blogs.
There is advice for start, I hope that could help you a little. :slight_smile:
Keep working and buyers will come soon, don’t worry.
Wish you all the best in future. :slight_smile:


Same problem, gotten just a few orders in quiet a long time.

However after i added a video to my gig my views and clicks went up by a lot!

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hi, @coolboby thank you for your advice! I will definitely keep them in mind!
Thank you, wish the same for you!


@nathanreul I need better videos lol. I shall add better vidoes and try my luck again. Hope things pick up for you too! good luck.

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@sippositive You should create your own thread in “Improve My Gigs” others will see it, and give you suggestions. “My Fiverr Gigs” is where you can advertise your gigs.

ok thanks any other suggestion plz

thank you so much.
it is really helpful for me.

Thanks for your suggestions. As a newbee, I constantly have to remind myself of the basics. Follow instructions is very important and it’s a numbers game. Even the professionals get a lot of rejections.