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How to get your gig in first page


Hello sellers…
I am new here and I need to know how to get my gig I first page of fiverr. Is there any plan by fiverr itself or I need to seo my gig.


There’s no premium service to force your gig at the top of the search results. You’ll need to do this the hard way.


Just make sure you have a good title, description, and tags. In the end, deliver a unique job for your clients to recommend you and share your service on their social media platforms.


there is no easy way to get at the top! It’s depend on your work and luck!


i read somewhere that fiver is testing out a gig promotion program, you could wait and try that out or just work as hard as everyone else


Be unique,creative,hard working and honest. That’s the key to success on Fiverr


sir check here


well best answer was given by mariokluser :
“Just go out of your front door and then to the left. At the corner of the street there is a guy with a long coat. When you approach him nod three times. He then will give you the address of a bar. Once you get there, you order a beer and silently ask the bartender for Traci. He will turn his back to you, and hit play on the stereo.
At a certain moment moment the song ‘Blue Velvet’ plays and Traci will emerge through the back door. She jerks her head in your direction and you follow her silently to the bathroom. In one of the cabines she will give you a brown envelope and leave.
You sit down on the shitter and open the envelope. Inside of it are all the algorithms you need to know how to get on the first page of Fiverr.
Try to remember them and destroy them, as they are for your eyes only.”

Here :


Nowadays it’s easier than ever. If you have no negative reviews, no cancellations/refunds, you’ll be above people that have hundreds or thousands of reviews.

Right now if your buyer isn’t happy, you’re between a rock and a hard place. If he accepts delivery, he might give you a bad review. If you refund the order, it may hurt your placement on the rows. Of course, the more positive reviews you get, the higher you’ll go. But like I said, I’ve seen gigs with 5 positive reviews above gigs with 100 or even 1,000 reviews.


I’m also new bro. so we need hard work. best of luck!


I also wanted to get my gig in the first page so I did a bit tests like:

  1. Change the title.
  2. Also made some changes to discriptions
  3. Chang the keywords.
    I did these things but nothing happened my gig was in it’s old position.

But finally I came up with something what I did I added a nice and sort video about my gig
so now my gig is at the top of the second page and buyers contacting me I am happy.

I shared my won experience with you so I hope this w’ll help you :slightly_smiling_face: