How to Get your Order with No Account


This honestly isn’t a bug, but I need help. Recently, I tried to purchase a gig, but I didn’t realize that I didn’t have an account. The purchase was not made on my computer or by my paypal (I had to use someone else’s for reasons.) so I had no way to contact the producer. I’m wondering, how do I get this gig?


I’m not exactly clear on your question. You are clearly logged in right now on a Fiverr account (fnafserver) to use the forum. If you made a purchase on the fnafserver account, delivery would have and you’d have received a notice under your Notifications setting. If it was on some other account belonging to someone else, you’d have to be on that account to get what you ordered.


I came back to look for a response, but I’ll assume you’ve resolved it. Good luck.


I had no account when the purchase was made.


You had to have used someone’s account. Simply find the account name you used when you purchased it.


It’s completely impossible to make a purchase on Fiverr without an account. Since you said you were using another person’s PayPal, maybe they had a Fiverr account and you were on theirs. Ask them about it.

Did you get an email confirmation about the order or it’s delivery? If so, that email is probably attached to the Fiverr account so may that helps. Anyway, you get your purchase there is no way to get it unless you figure out what email or user ID you were on.