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How to get your page viewed more?

I’m an experienced social media marketer and I’m having a hard time getting my profile viewed at all on here… Any tips?


I am also new to fiverr and I got good response from fiverr. I am sharing my experience which will also help you in improving Page Views and getting orders.


  1. Firstly, The main GIG image should be outstanding which should attract the viewer and must be relevant to your category.
  2. GIG description is another main point after your profile image. Make it simple and clear to the point. Just highlight few important points.
  3. Search the fiverr area and keep the gig TAGS as per user’s point of view.
  4. Most importantly, keep applying to “Buyer’s Request” which is available from ‘selling’ option.

Sells and views will be gradually increased, so keep patience and hope for the best!

I hope this will help you. According to me, Fiverr is best marketplace!

Thank you

You are doing fantastic for someone who started two months ago! Nice tips also. You are doing everything right to be doing this well in such a competitive category.

I just buying her, not selling so I can answer form my perspective.

  1. I don’t care about fancy images. If the description is long I’m not reading at all.
  2. What I do ALWAYS is: looking for genuine samples - then I do contact seller explaining what I want.
  3. I prefer gigs customised for my need - just for one click to pay.
  4. I think I will never buy anything without quick chat and custom gig.


hi ! Fiverr is a excellent Market ! , tips: in your gigs : excelents images ! shared in social network , create watermark “Only In Fiverr”, Record a Video ! :wink:

I find a well run social media campaign can deliver lots of profile views.