How to get your ratings to a 4.8


Hello! It seems the big question is how can I keep my ratings above 4.8? Is it impossible? I’ve been on Fiverr for roughly 5 years with a 4.9 rating. Id like to give some tips on how I’ve kept my ratings and hear how all of you have worked to keep up yours!

So here is my personal advice:

First and foremost is an obvious one. Alway maintain a professional and friendly manner about you. Try to stay grammatically correct in your responses and have no spelling mistakes (especially if you offer writing services). Never go off on a customer even when they’ve sent an upsetting message and always try to work through what they want. Sometimes it can be frustrating to work with certain customers but there’s always a professional way to handle them. Miscommunication happens all the time so just let your buyer know you need more details on what they want so you can work to make it better when something goes wrong. Make sure you’re an easy and pleasurable person to work with. Make sure they know you’re truly excited to be a part of the project their working on. This will help give you good ratings and increase your number of returning customers.

Second, I’ve found that offering unlimited revisions and a full money back guarantee can actually increase your ratings as well as your sales. Buyers seem to be more inclined to buy from someone willing to give revisions and money back guarantees. Though not everyone wants to do this, it’s a great way ensure a good review. If you are someone who truly wants to put out your best work, this is a great method to use. Make sure your buyer is 100% satisfied and let them know you will do redos until the work is absolutely perfect. This will establish you as a reliable seller.

Try to respond as fast as possible. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult when you are in different time zones but customers love quick responses!

And finally, when you deliver an order, leave a meaningful message. Thank them for letting you help them with their project and wish them the best with their future endeavors. Offer future help if they ever need more.

These were just a few of the things that worked for me! Hope it helps!

What is Success?
Advice on how to get started on here please

The second recommendation “unlimited revisions or money back” might not work for everyone.
If I work on a project for 2-3 weeks I cannot afford to give the money back. I can’t promise unlimited revisions either because it will throw off my entire schedule meaning other projects will be delayed.

I would rather take a negative review than try to manipulate my ratings by offering refunds.
Of course, they can get a chargeback, but I’m willing to take that risk and fight it.

Other than that I agree with your post.


You’re right, it definitely depends on what kind of services you offer and how many orders you’re taking in at once!


nice tips and very informative… thanks for sharing.