How to get your skills recognized


The way you can get your skills recognized is very simple and easy. Just perform the offered task according to the requirements and in given time span.


More advises are welcome :slight_smile:


but skill recognized is not enough. whats in my mind is how to get a huge amaunt of orders…


Hmm, fiverr says that to get to the top you have to be really good and deliver fast.

My question is, what happens when I have 3 days to complete the order, day one I send the buyer a draft, and they do not respond until there are only hours left until the order expires? Is fast delivery an option then? :-/


I am so much disappoint due to the Fiverr Organizers I want to talk any responsible person. Tell me how it’s possible???

#6 - Is the customer support URL


Above and beyond. That works well - know your customer should be so happy they ALWAYS leave positive feedback for you!