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How to getting the First order between 1 hours?

How to getting the First order between 1 hours

Fiverr is one of the best market place for a ew seller. Here you can get a lot of work in a day. The popularity of fiverr increase day by day. In this forum I tell you how to get your first order just 1 hours.

  1. First you think about your services. Its very argent to you. Yo do not open gigs that you do not know.

  2. Making a gig that is your favorite. Suppose you know Graphics Design then you should be open a gig with Graphics Design. Personally I create 4 gigs on Graphics design.

  3. Add a smile profile picture.

  4. Creating a beautiful gig picture is much important. Buyer see your gig picture first. So you should be aware of this choosing gig picture.

  5. Write Gig tittle short. In this tittle you add the best keyword.

  6. Write tag beside use some related keyword.

  7. The Gig description is very important to write. Use many iportant keyword here.

  8. Share your gigs in many social media and increase your gig view and impression.

  9. Now the final time is coming. Do a buyer request properly. Then It your time.

In this process, You can get the first order just only 1 hours. I get my first order just 30 minute. So Don’t worry. Just flow this instruction and get ready to work.
Thanks A lot. Happy Journey.

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