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How to Gig featured


hello everyone ! hope you are fine. i start working on fiverr in the start of 2016, it’s now almost 1.5 year now. in the start i get so many orders and now not a single order. can anyone help me ? and also can you guide me how to feature gigs ?



Featured Gigs are chosen by Fiverr, nothing you can do there but working hard and maintain a good rating+delivery time+high quality standard for deliveries and professionality.
After that you just can wait and keep on working


but from last some months i am getting very very low traffic on my gigs, i don’t know what is happening


even i maintain my ratings from long time my ratings never go below 4.5


Check what @thecreativeguys has just posted in order to know what is going on with the search engine


Mine don’t go below 4.8 since 5 years and I’ve never ever had any of my Gigs featured.
Being featured is not the main goal if you want to be successful, just be the one featured by your clients, who will come happily back to buy from you if you keep a high level of professionality with your work.


i am really worried, when it will fixed ?


When they finally get the algorithm, they will let us know also here on the forums.


it just show only home page


where the other pages go ? :confused: