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How to gig rank on 1st page?

Hi guys,
I am new seller in Fiverr.
My 7 gig already open in Fiverr.
“I want to my some gig stay in 1st page for regular order”
How it possible?
Everybody hep me…


First page is too small to fit everyone so why would we share this “secret” here on the forum with everyone?

Jokes aside: people on the first page are sellers who proved that they deliver excellent service. Work hard, deliver great service and keep you stats high and one day you’ll be on the first page


Lately things have been a lot different. Sellers usually on the first page no longer are there so there is no way to tell how fiverr ranks gigs. I never look for where my gigs are any more.


Thank you so much for your reply…


I think Fiverr should make scrolling system on search page… :wink:There will be one page on search result . All gig will be on first page . :grinning: .

You only can rank your gigs on first page manually if you can find out how fiverr search algorithm works.Rankings are not permanent .Fiverr algorithm changes frequently .

Check this post .


There are lot of gig and now a days one new gig to rank 1st page is so difficult.Right now it is a long process.You have to create gig with seo friendly and have to marketing in social media.If you continue marketing and also complete some order on this gig after some month your gig may be rank on first page or second page,

Excellent post and wonderful tip

I think you also need to be specific about what you mean when you say ‘I want to appear on the first page’. The first page of what exactly? The general category, a specific sub-category, or perhaps for a particular search term?

Of particular interest here is the default sorting method, which on category listings is ‘best selling’ (which the user can change to ‘recommended’ or ‘newest arrivals’ if they wish). For keyword search results (i.e. the results you see after typing in the search box) the results are ranked by default by ‘relevance’ (the user can change this to ‘best selling’ or ‘newest arrivals’ if they wish).

So even if we don’t necessarily know the full secrets of the Fiverr algorithm, we can probably safely assume that to be on the first page for a category you need to be selling quite a lot. And, this means recent sales. I’ve made hundreds of sales in the past, but because I’ve taken a long break from Fiverr I’m struggling to appear on category pages. But for keyword searches, I don’t do too badly for appearing on the first page for relevant search queries like ‘write piano music’ or ‘original piano music’ because I’ve optimised my gig for those terms.

As with all SEO best practice, it’s really important to be specific about what you want to rank for rather than just saying you want to rank highly.

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Very good suggestion thanks for your suggestion