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How to gig save?


My user id - zahid0406. I have a few gigs on Fiverr. Some days ago, Fiverr deactivated my plagiarism checker Gig. As a result, I made a new gig. At that time, I didn’t save the gig or I did not know or I did not know how to save. My question to you, how to save my all the gigs on the Fiverr account?So that there is no such problem in the future.

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You can probably contact to Support the good thing is CS for ask any kind of issue they will solve your anything As you like!

I got!

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You can’t save them as such, but you can copy and paste your descriptions etc. into a text document for future reference.

Not sure if this was a good idea or not. Did CS give you any idea why your gig was removed, and did you change whatever was causing the problem for the second version of your gig? Just worried if you’ve repeated the same thing you might get the second gig removed as well.

Added - best not to put your rewriting gig back up - here’s why:


What is CS? Thanks for comments.