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How to give buyer any login credentials

how can i give my login in details to the buyer (it requires me to send a email id and password) but when i enter my email id it gives me warning. (talking about social media accounts that i set up for them)
Also how can i have video call with the buyers who are not VID

Hi, why are you wanting to give your fiverr login details to a buyer? Just clarify, I want to help you.

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I m not talking about my fiver login details
I m talking about other accounts such as twitter or instagram that I set up for the buyer now

Here is the hitch, you are not allowed to share any other outside links with customers. If you do, you will no longer be able to work on Fiverr. Only work strictly on Fiverr! Once an order is open you will have the option to have a video call. Open the order first.

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Thank you for your detailed reply

Also, don’t share contact details. You will be banned.