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How to give feedback if seller wants to cancel the order (after having marked it as delivered!)


How can I make sure that I can give a feedback about a sellers performance if he/she

wants to cancel the order (after 9 days), having it declared as “delivered” without

delivering anything after 2 days so I needed to “request modification” of a thing I never received ?


Writing an article about a community for a webpage,

provided several links to examples from competitors pages,

plus one link with a similar job already done by another fiverr seller.

Feb 24 01:15 Me: asked if seller can do this job

Feb 24 02:05 Seller: willing and ready

Feb 26: 01:35 Me: asked how to proceed, how many gigs and which to order

Feb 26: 06:23 Seller: Apologies from all ends… promise to give you the very


Feb 26 23:58 Ordered 2 Gigs / $5, sending (again) the links and explanation

Feb 28 02:39 Fiverr warning "Order approaches deadline"

Feb 28: 16:41 YEEHAA! Here’s your delivery but there is none

Seller seeks permission to declare order as delivered although still working on it or gig will be affected, will deliver soon.

Feb 28 17:55: Me: Go ahead, let me know when you think you’re finished

MARCH 02 18:31 Me No response, sent a Modification request.

March 03 01:12 Seller: sorry not communicating, little decline in health,something seems not to be clear and asks what seller is supposed to do!!!

March 03 05:40 11:52 Seller tries to contact to get answer

March 04 05:35 Seller: Will have to proceed with the rewriting

March 04 10:01 Me: was on a trip / answer should be clear, look at example!

March 05: 08:40 Seller: I’ll get the job done and deliver asap.

March 05 09:28 Seller wants to cancel

I declined the cancel, as I’m not able to send a feedback in that case and

I feel the need to do so.

What are my next possible steps ? soesn’t look as if there is an easy way

to contact the Resolution Center ?

Any help is appreciated.


Sorry you are having such a bad experience that really stinks…first of all it is not right for the seller to apply the “deliver work” button with nothing in it…that is against the rules!!! If you want to leave feedback it is your right but you will have to continue with your request of modification, but in that case you will not get a refund since you are not accepting the cancellation. Unless you can work it out with customer support. …Good luck anyways :slight_smile:

rmor10 said: soesn't look as if there is an easy way
to contact the Resolution Center ?
Unfortunately, there isn't a good to get out of the situation. You will either have to cancel the order, get your credit, BUT not be able to leave feedback, or mark the order as complete, lose your money and be able to leave feedback.