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How to give feedback?

This is really a topic on my experience with using this site.I chose to use someone to do a logo for me. I understand that you are not supposed to leave negative feedback unless the seller has attempted to satisfy the customer. So I did just that. I was not satisfied with the first logos that were sent to me and I did contact the seller before rating the work as requested. Now when I contacted the seller the seller opted to just cancel instead of trying to redo the logo. Now the problem I have is there’s no way to leave any feedback and this was not a good experience for myself. So my question is how do you give feedback if the seller request A refund without even trying to fix the logo that was originally done?

Hi, sorry to hear about your bad experience!

It’s not allowed to call out other users in the forum. You may want to remove the seller’s name before the forum mod does it.

If you have accepted a refund and a mutual cancellation, you can’t leave feedback. You can either leave negative feedback and pay the seller for their time, or get your money back and not leave feedback.

Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated!

You’re welcome!