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How to give someone a Negative Review?

I wanted to engage someone to do a project. He understood that I needed it in 3 days. He took my files, said he’d do a quote, then vanished.

Repeated prods and messages went unheeded, until I went to his page and found he was ‘on vacation’ after a week.

This is extremely unprofessional behaviour. If he had time to log back in and indicate that he was on vacation, he could easily have given me a one-liner saying he needed to take time off.

I haven’t paid him yet, but this deserves a negative review for wasting people’s time. Just because there has been no formal offer and acceptance, doesn’t mean that you can waste people’s time like that.


If you have not paid him, then you didn’t order a single thing. He doesn’t have to do anything.

You order a gig, pay for it, give instructions, wait, seller gives you what you ordered, you rate, seller gets money within 2 weeks.



I didn’t want to waste sellers’ times, so I contacted only a few sellers and quickly weeded out the people who didn’t seem likely to be able to do what I wanted. (EG the people who referenced projects and programming language that wasn’t what I wanted. If you talk about being experienced in X, and I need Y which is only tangentially similar to X, then I quickly reject you.)

That is called ‘not wasting seller’s time’.

I don’t like to contact 50 people and get 50 people to spend time reading my files and in the end engage only 1. 49 people will have wasted time making me offers. I’m serious when I ask for a quote, and I expect a proper response if you say you’ll get back to me asap with a quote. But if walking off after making promises is ok and that’s how it works, it’s to the detriment of everybody.


Normally if a seller is not responding to your message for more than 8-12 hours then you should contact another seller. And again I think @miroslavglavic gave the correct answer to the question in your topic title.


You are right for not wanting to waste seller’s time or your time, however, since you haven’t actually made the order as miroslavglavic said, then the seller had no obligation to do anything, just imagine the position of those you ignored their offer rightfully it may be, they might be also waiting for your reply wondering why are you not replying to them, next time you could add a line in your message demanding a reply within a certain hours or you will seek another freelancer, I understand you are angry but you shouldn’t be since you haven’t order anything.

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Most people with urgent projects disappear into the ether when I quote them.

I should be able to review urgent buyers for your issue but in reverse. I have to listen to their panic and urgency only to quote them an appropriate price for dealing with it for them quick short, but nope–whistle in the breeze.

Anyway a) it’s the weekend b) you sound pushy c) bad reviews over quotes, yikes c) well, you’re the one with the urgent project.

He probably dumped you.


You know how many people walk out on me when I spend good time consulting with them and come up with $400, only for the line to die? Better yet, you know the abuse I get? Oh, plenty–and they all want to review me–especially when I want to charge for my time as a consultant.

Sorry, I don’t have much sympathy. [quote=“cutiexy, post:3, topic:115924”]
I don’t like to contact 50 people and get 50 people to spend time reading my files and in the end engage only 1.

Sounds like the issue is you.


This much I’d say.

In the past 10 years I have had many contractors give quotes. If they say they’re coming at time x, they typically come at most half an hour late. Or call in to say they can’t come.

Similarly whenever I make an appointment to quote people things, I show up. Who cares about whether they’ve paid me? I show up because this is the correct way to do business. If I’m not showing up for whatever reason, I always inform them in advance. It’s courtesy.

This is how you do things in real life. That’s how you make people treat you seriously, so they don’t dismiss you for your looks or whatever reason. So that even if a business proposal fails, both sides retain mutual respect. I’ve referred contractors whom I didn’t do business with, and I’ve been referred by people whom I didn’t do business for.

I’ve never gotten angry at someone not showing up, because I’ve never been stood up before with no notice. Maybe 1/3 of all ‘quote’ appointments are not met, but they are ALWAYS postponed or cancelled with courteous communication rather than just ignored.

That guy whom I’m mad at, I’d traded several messages and discussions over draft files which he’d already read. He asked for several days to finish a past project, then wrote to me and said he was free to devote serious time for this project and asked for the final files. I handed him the final files with the clearly communicated expectations that I expected an offer asap. It’s not a one line ‘send me your files and I get back to you’ thing that you do during the initial communication. He’d invested some time earlier already, that’s why I was willing to wait. It would not have been right to be talking to other sellers in this context.

He could easily have written back saying: “something’s cropped up, I can’t work on this till next week”. Instead he ‘took a vacation’ and disappeared.

The notion that you can just ignore people seems to be a very internet thing.

In the past few months, I’ve made appointments with a certain online company that was supposed to give me an online demo of their booking software. These guys MISSED their appointment THREE times. Because I was quite interested in their offerings (and when I’m sitting at the computer I can do other things anyway), I merely rescheduled. I did this over the phone three time with the manager, so not as if I was rescheduling to a website that no tech person is looking at.

After the third time, I decided they are not serious businessmen or organized people capable of using their own booking software. And then they had the guts to contact me again with a form email touting their software. I was incensed and wrote a nasty email back demanding that they never contact me again. Their idiot manager (same guy who made the phone calls 3x) wrote back to me within an hour. WTH?? I instantly trashed his email so I don’t know what he said. When you get to the point where you trash a mail without looking at it, it means the writer has so little credibility and respect from you that you just don’t care.

So yeah, I’ll never do business again with that fiverr guy who wasted my time. Even if I can’t give him a negative review, he already has a negative review from me inside.


And you, missy, need to relax your standards if you want cheap and this year. (also TOS violations a-go-go you and them)


Venting your daily frustrations on me is not the way to display professional seller behaviour. You didn’t even read what I’d said, I’m annoyed at someone wasting my time not by the size of his quote. It is un-professionalism that I’m annoyed at. Price has nothing to do with professionalism. Prices can always be negotiated. High prices that you agreed to, are not a reason for bad reviews. Un-professional conduct is.

If someone doesn’t want to pay you $400 he can always ask for $300. He doesn’t need to vanish. That’s not professional buyer conduct. A buyer like that, I’d blacklist and never do business with again. But you getting angry at me for other people’s conduct towards you, is also not professional conduct.

Enmaki, you know why you sound so hostile and angry?

Because you feel people wasted your time. You’ve spent time to read their requests and have prepared a serious quote, and they just walk off because they disagree with your prices for whatever reason.

If I didn’t want my time wasted, I could contact 50 people, send them everything, and sit back to get 50 offers and choose the cheapest. But that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do. It’s better to target just a few sellers who look most likely to deliver what you want, and quickly narrow that down so nobody’s time is wasted in lengthy negotiations. That’s what I did, after which I spent time and sent the seller everything to have him only disappear.

That’s not how people behave offline.

Anyway I’d never pay someone $20 for proofreading 300 words. I’m long gone from the copywriting business, but I was charging $15/h fresh out of school and didn’t need 30 mins to rewrite 300 words. Used to get $30-50 per gig because most of my time was spent discussing with the buyer on how to improve her writing, because it’s unethical to rewrite her essay for her. Build a good relationship, and they come back at least once every quarter/ semester for years, even after they graduate. Got to the point where I didn’t need to nego with new customers because I didn’t have the time to take on new customers. I even did research in my own time without billing anyone, just so that I had a better understanding of what they needed to write about. I consider that good prep for my valued customers; I notice you have listed research as a $100 billable. Isn’t that nearly the cost for a year’s subscription to Jstor?

Rates should be much lower now thanks to the commodification of many skills. If anyone wants to pay your rates, it’s their funeral. But I won’t pay anyone who’s hostile and unpleasant. Guess you show your customers one face, and need to vent on other people who have nothing to do with you?

Don’t worry, I won’t be offering writing gigs to compete with you. I have my offline work. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That really got me told.

I always find it fascinating when other people tell me about their career–please, tell me more.

I will simmer in the background; think of me as a delicious smelling hotpot dish.

PS, EMMaki–proofreading? lol.


Look, mate… let’s not mince words here. You want to leave a shit review for someone who, for whatever reason, quit comms with you. Were they from Peru, by any chance? If they were, time to chow down on that humble pie. If not, your whole attitude stinks.

I know it’s gonna take you ages to come up with some average zingers, so I’ll let you get on with it. As it is though, why are you arguing with Fiverr sellers about their rates and putting them down–when you’re the one hiring them?

Surely you’re not… outsourcing?


You can only hold someone accountable if you ‘shake on it’; On Fiverr, it means buying someone’s gig in order to be entitled to any service or the ability to provide feedback. One cannot provide feedback on services which are not availed, since that would be counter-intuitive.

The above paragraph is just me trying my hand at diplomacy. The real crux of the matter is that most sellers who have been in the business for a good amount of time have good ‘spidey senses’ which dictates whether or not they accept a project. Going by the way you have articulated the issue, it is quite likely that it sent their spidey senses tingling and they bailed out.

Sellers receive dozens of less-than-ideal messages daily. Most of them make quick judgement calls and move on. Since it is your project, you have a larger stake in having it completed than a random freelance seller who you’ve just had a chat with, but not yet hired. If one seller is not available, find another one and get it done instead of hanging onto one bad experience. After all, the project isn’t going to do itself.


Silky smooth here is just saying what I am.

A valiant effort at diplomacy.

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Haven´t purchased a gig but already want to leave a negative review. Whewww… I´m glad Emmaki is here.

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I think you are not mad because he wasted your time, I think you are mad because he stood you up, and you never been stood up before as you have said it yourself…

There is no logic behind your anger, it doesn’t make sense, you did not place an order, you requested a quote and common sense says, you wait, you follow up with 1 or 2 or 3 emails at most saying exactly "where is my quote? in capital letters if you like, and if no answer, you move to the next seller, but you getting angry, checking his profile only to see that he is on vacation, hmmmm that sounds a bit stalking, the whole thing sounds a romantic relationship that went wrong…

Honestly there is no reason to be this angry, actually it is very strange to be this angry when you know you haven’t placed an order, and after reading this post many sellers might avoid you, since you are eager to give negative reviews before even placing an order, I hope you did not express your unreasonable anger by giving your other sellers negative feedbacks because after this much of anger, you might see them all the same.


Atleat behavious should be professional either buyer or seller…

you’d know, what with looking after your friend.