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How to give someone a Negative Review?

Well, someone is sounding hostile and angry alright, but not sure if that’s Emmakiji…


Morning everyone. This is terrible, Buyers wanting to put a “Negative” review “without” placing an order. cutiexy did you ever think there was an emergency on the sellers part that he went away? This happen to me three years ago in the middle of a cool project, my mom ended in the hospital and it affected my work. Things happen. After all we are all still, human right? I think the seller had his/her reasons.


“How to give someone a Negative Review?”

Quite simple, actually:

-> You order the Gig. Send the Instructions.
-> Seller Reads the Instructions.
-> Seller Grabs a Cup of Coffee
-> Seller thinks about his girlfriend/friend/child
-> Seller daydreams about how he/she would rather spend time with them than listen to your “urgency” requests
-> Seller reminds himself/herself that there are bills to pay
-> Seller gets to work
-> Seller Delivers Work
-> You decide you don’t like the work because your time wasn’t respected enough
-> You give the Seller a negative Feedback
-> The Negative Feedback Ruins Seller’s Reputation on Fiverr
-> Seller stops receiving Orders
-> Seller’s Children end up going to Bed hungry, because you felt your time wasn’t respected enough
-> Seller feels sad seeing his/hers children go to bed hungry, but you never learn about his/hers pain…
-> Story ends.

I don’t see the need for all this discussion. It’s as simple as the few above steps.


@marvin_flores this case is different, this buyer has nothing to complain about since there was no order in place, the buyer could have just moved to another seller, I think what is bothering the buyer is being stood up rather than anything else and it shows in her own words, [quote=“cutiexy, post:8, topic:115924”]
I’ve never gotten angry at someone not showing up, because I’ve never been stood up before with no notice.

The seller needs no excuse since there was no commitment and no order, it is just very strange to me that this buyer is this angry for no reason whatsoever.


I agree. This is an open window on how some, just some buyers think. Very unpleasant.

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On the other side, it’s extremely funny how you (OP), feel so strongly about your invaluable time and the requirement for it to be respected, yet have no problems with writing two - page long rants that take a huge chunk of energy and time, only to berate the Seller and find out how you can negatively impact his reputation even though he/she had no obligations towards you in any way.

Can you negatively review yourself for “wasting your time” pointlessly ranting?


I do actually get the OP’s point re wasting time - I can see how frustrating it would be. I don’t agree that it should warrant a negative review but it does seem like the buyer did things in more or less the right way. The seller asked for time to be able to quote and then went on vacation mode. This seems very unprofessional.
The thing is, out of 10 or so times I used vacation mode, once was for an actual vacation but Fiverr’s delightful auto message of “Aloha” etc, makes it seem like sellers are sipping sangria by the pool when in actual fact they may be just snowed under with work.

The key point for the OP and buyers to get from this situation is that until an order is placed, there is no obligation on the seller to do anything. Some will act professionally, others won’t but such is life. My advice to avoid such situations is to place a small consultation order with a seller if them assessing a job and creating a quote is more than a quick message. Value the sellers time (with $$) and they will value yours (with their work and time). In that way, there will be a deadline to when you can expect a response and you also show you are a serious client by being willing to pay for this. You could even make an agreement that the consultation fee will be deducted from the total price of the overall job if the buyer places the order.

To the sellers commenting above arguing that buyers do the same thing to sellers all the time: How frustrating is it when buyers do this? My personal peeve is the ones who message late at night, agree to a price for an extra extra fast delivery and then don’t order or respond, leaving me to wait and see… To deal with this, I now include a time limit ie. order must be placed within 30 mins of this message.
You see, just because the other party (buyer or seller) is unprofessional, it does not mean it is ok to do the same. Find a way to minimize the problem and implement it, otherwise their lack of professionalism becomes contagious and you catch it from them.


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Dude, you’re on the wrong post. See immediately above.

I had a client who wanted an order in 3 days, but after 3 days he still hadn’t placed an order. I finally sent him a message on day 4 and he ordered. But, I hadn’t realized he wanted it for the day before. I delivered what I could, and he never replied back, so I took an extra 2 days. Still, no message, Then he leaves me negative feedback because he was unhappy with the delivery time and had expected the job to be done on the day that he ordered it. It was a big project. I consider it all his fault, but at least I still got paid. People don’t work for free. You must place the order first. We don’t work until we get paid. Too many new buyers think we start on a project even when we haven’t been paid. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

I’m so sorry that happened to you… :frowning:

The natural order of things on Fiverr :slight_smile: