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How to go back to a 5.0 rating

Hi, I’ve been here on fiverr since around 6 months and I have managed to maintain a 5.0 overall rating with 62 reviews, but today in one of my primary gigs, one of the buyers rated me 4.3, I have 57 reviews on this gig. I’m guessing my ratings will drop after the next evaluation. I’m not sure how the rating system works so how long will it take me to go back to a 5.0 rating, it it even possible or am I doomed forever? Sorry if this has been asked before but I’m extremely frustrated because of how people judge you based on your ratings.

It isn’t about time. It is about averages.


So do I need to maintain an average of 5.0 rating on every order until the next evaluation?

You’d have to do the math to see if that is enough. Your rating is an average, so naturally it is based on averages…

Your monthly review is not influenced by your overall average. It is only pertinent to your Level status.

I think you need a refresher on the ToS.

Alright, I’ll go through it.

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You can see your rating on your Dashboard and in the Analytics section at all times. That’s where you have also the details about how your overall rating is calculated (is an average of your last 60 days of performance).

But basically the best advice I can give you is to keep doing great jobs and complete as many more orders as you can with a max rating.

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over a course of 60 days, assume you have been evaluated 4 times total.
you have three 5 stars and one 4.3 star
so 19.3/4 will be your score !
you have to maintain a 4.7 star rating standard over a course of 60 days to remain your current level.