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How To Go From A Newbie Seller, To $1000 Or More A Month!


I sometimes think that it is strange that you sell 5 $ basic gigs and earn a lot of money??How you were able to do that…Tell me one tip you apply regularly.


Hey man! Once you start getting more reviews, people will start wanting to do bigger projects with you. A lot of my orders are still $5 - $15 gigs, but a good chunk are $25 and beyond as well. Utilize your extras especially.

A lot of my bigger orders come from people that contact me about something they want or come to me with a bigger project.


Yeah it’s all about experimentation! That’s why it’s important not to give up if you put up a gig and it doesn’t do well. Keep trying again and again and one is bound to stick.


Yup! There’s a lot of great and helpful people on here!


Awesome! I’m glad to hear that the tips have helped.


A great plan for success! Thanks for sharing it with us!


I just made my account yesterday. I have applied for 8 jobs so far today. I’m really crossing my fingers. Thanks for the tips!


Thanks for the tips!


You’re welcome!


No problem and good luck!


You got it!


Great tips but getting those very first orders are still proving to be problematic…guess I just need to be patient, right?


I know you have been appriciated by everyone but yeah I also loved the article its great.


Those tips are very helpful. The first part about making fiverr a job, either a side job or full time job is really important. With a job, you have to focus, market your skills, set goals, achieve them and not just hope it will work out.


It really is all about getting that first order in to boost your gigs ranking. Getting a friend or a family member to be your first customer is a good idea and don’t worry, fiverr actually has suggested this in the past.


Exactly! Regardless of whether you are making a little bit of money, or a good sum of money on here, the more you treat it like an actual business or job, the more effort you’ll put into it and the faster you’ll grow.


Thank you!!


Just joined up on Fiverr a little while ago and this is all really solid advice.

We have been offering our service elsewhere but have made the jump to offer them ONLY on fiverr due to the awesome growth potential here and the recent addition of gig packages.

As you mention, it is very important to treat this as a business rather than a hobby.

Customer service is probably the #1 secret to success and happy, repeat customers.

Remember that people won’t remember what you said or what you did, but rather how you made them feel. So treat each customer like they are the most important person in the world and they will come back to you over and over again…


Very informative and awesome!!! Great and Thanks for your tips!!!


i have just registered…how do i get my 1st work/project…
can someone guide me ? please