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How To Go From A Newbie Seller, To $1000 Or More A Month!


how does one apply ? i recently registered…can u help


Hola Necesito ayuda, soy nueva y no estoy aprediendo, como puedo hacer para obtener mi primer trabajo?? Gracias de antemano… Feliz día. :*


Wow! I never made that amount of money in one month. The most I could make was $100 and Fiverr is my income source. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that this month has being so slow on orders. I hope it will get better soon.


That’s what I thought too, that after getting orders and reviews I will be receiving more orders. However, out of 44 orders, I have about 35 public reviews. I asked very nicely for feedback, but buyers prefer to leave the order be completed automatically. No idea why. I guess it’s easier just to take the delivery and log out. When buyers check my profile they have no idea how many orders did I get, they only look at the reviews. It can get quite challenging.


Well, start by creating your first gig!


Yup! I have many repeat customers because I go out of my way to make sure they love the work they receive and that they are treated well. Like you said, making a connection with your customers is very important.


Thank you! Hope they help :slight_smile:


Very authentic and natural information. Keep sharing your tips so the newbie like me can get new project.


Thanks for the Tips


35 reviews from 44 orders is actually very good! I think I remember reading somewhere that the average is below 50% of orders receiving reviews so if that’s the case you are doing well :slight_smile:


You got it! Glad you got something out of it.


great work n nice tip


I’ve found that Over Delivering oftentimes leads to Repeat Buying Customers…WHY? Because they are Satisfied with the Job you did, The Service, and The Extras you gave as a PERK for them being a Great Customer an having a Great Project! It works for me. My 2 Cents…Just BEWARE of Misleading Unsatisfied for NO REASON Clients…Who Have you do Excellent Work, then Find a Reason to Get a Refund from Fiverr!!! This Practice is Malicious and Great Sellers like myself and others here DON’T Deserve bad reviews from clients like these! So Be careful…Watch for The Red Flag’s!!! They WILL Be Revealed. Thanks



thanks! your article so helpful for me!


I like your post.Thanks a lot.


Oh! Never knew that. Thank you!


I would say there is no “how to do” actually because things working for you might not work for other persons. To be successful, you need two things. First, your Inborn talent and second, the element of luck.


Absolutely Don! And yeah, I’ve come across clients like that, but I have found that they are few and far between. Like you said, you learn to look for the red flags. If I think a potential client is going to be a huge problem and try and exploit me, I don’t create an order for them.


Wow! Nyc post, I may be new on fiverr but not new when it comes to writing, thanks for this eye opener.


Find buyer requests under the selling tab. You’ll see a list of jobs people have submitted. Find one that fits your skills. When you scroll over that request, at the far right, you’ll see Send Offer.

Best idea is to make sure your profile is well completed, and set up gigs for yourself, before you start sending offers.

Good luck! :slight_smile: