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How To Go From A Newbie Seller, To $1000 Or More A Month!




Awesome, Solid tips, very motivating! Best Wishes Fiverr


Thanks my friend, I’m just starting on here and glad I found your advice!


Hello sir,

you give a best idea ever, i can review in next time and this information will be very help
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I agree that there is no blueprint that will work for everyone, but I totally disagree with talent and luck playing a big part in success. Talent you have naturally, skill is developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft. Essentially, that means working hard. Luck is just an excuse people make in order to justify not trying. Because if the world is against them, what’s the point? Or so they will argue.

You look at most successful people in the world, and although they may have achieved success through different routes, many of them displayed the same habits, behaviors, mindsets and mentalities as each other.

Success is very much a mindset, not a birthright. And it certainly isn’t down to talent or luck.


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Great tip my friend. I’ll follow and update my result every month.


Awesome! I look forward to hearing your updates :slight_smile:


At times, you are not that skilled in your profession, not doing things the way another person has the ability to do them. But still you are getting away with things and are more successful than that person. In that case, it’s not your skills or hard work but luck that make you successful.


I agree with you overall.


Very inspiring, we need to keep at what we do to get result.


Fantastic, thank you


Thanks for the advice bro, It’s very helpful… I’m a newbie here… I hope I can get an order soon…


No problem! Since you are already good at writing, it’ll be easier for you once you start having sales!


Seriously helpful for level 2 sellers too.


nice tip


And . . . The smarter and harder you work, the luckier you become!


Thanks for the information. The part on experiment and research was insightful. I need to do both!


Article useful and absolutely great, I have a question that you have earned $ 200 for the first time how much time passed?


first one need is the traffic lol