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How To Go From A Newbie Seller, To $1000 Or More A Month!


Thank you for this! Great info.


Good advice. However I can only work with fiverr night. I only have the potential 1 sale per day.

And I share gigs at the facebook group. 500 links per day. It was enough to help me.
thank you


I don’t remember exactly, but it probably took a month or two. When I first became a seller, my first few weeks and probably months as well were pure experimentation. I was mainly trying new gigs, looking up new info and trying a ton of new things to see what worked.


That experiment thing works very well as you have explained. Have created some gig that I think will rake in so much money for me. Guess what? It didn’t. I just think no idea is too silly; once it occur to you, just try to see what you can make of it. Thank you for this one


Highly useful read. Thank you!
I have been on fiverr for 2 months now also my impressions go really high but i am not getting any clicks hence no orders. Can you please have a quick look and point out the issues?
here is a link to my profile.
i will be highly obliged :slight_smile:


Exactly! You never know what is going to work, so the more you experiment, the more likely it is that you’ll find a winning gig.


Great tips thank you…looking forward to my first sale


Congrats! and great post, Thank you for sharing these tips, very simple but when followed I’m certain great results will follow.


Amazing! Thank you :slight_smile:


Really awesome…!! Thanks a lot for your tips


i have learned a lot from your writing. thanks bro


Great article. Thanks for the inspiration!


This is really helpful. Thankyou!


your idea is awesome. i will try it.


Thanks! Usually the road to achieving more is fairly simple. It’s all about action and consistently doing what brings about results.


Thank you so much for your Tips. I’m newbie Lead generator.


Question: How are you making a consistent $1000 if you’ve only got 200 reviews on your gig … and your others are not selling? You doing some massive $50 orders on each sale or something? The numbers just don’t add up here…

Half of the tips are about making sure you kiss the customer’s butt and over delivering for everyone… I can’t buy into that … but I’m sure it works… And it devalues the rest of us tbh… … The people who don’t feel like bowing down to everyone for $5. … Not being late on an order is obviously something everyone should do. I’m replying to the fact that I dont think people should over deliver past a certain extent here… Do it for some good early reviews… keep doing it and you devalue the entire economy 1 person at a time.




I think you misinterpreted what I meant by over delivering. Like I said, you do not have to break your back, but if you provide value to your customer, they will appreciate it. I suggested giving just a little more than you advertise. This isn’t just a tactic used on Fiverr, plenty of businesses adopt the mindset of providing a lot of value.

Yes, showing respect for your clients, providing them with value and acting professional must mean you’re kissing their butts. Really?

The only two things I mentioned about customers was being respectful, and to try over delivering (essentially offering them more value). I also mentioned not to be a pushover and to stand firm, or did you miss that part? You are under no obligation to do anymore than you want. But if I want to offer my client a little extra for buying from me, then that is my prerogative.

I’m assuming then that you completely ignored the other areas such as experimenting, being organized, treating it as a business, etc. Do you only cherry pick the advice you don’t like and then ignore the rest?

The best part of your post is where you claim that by me offering my customers more value I am devaluing not just you, but the entire economy. What a claim! Complete victim mentality my friend. It’s like saying that if you aren’t able to achieve what you want, well then it’s my fault for “devaluing you”.

Take it into your own hands dude. Don’t blame me or anyone else for something not going your way. I don’t reply in this way to be mean, I do it because I think a lot of what you said will hold you back. You may not heed anything I say here, but realize that most of what I wrote above I learned from people who are incredibly successful.

So, you have a choice now. You can certainly react to what I’ve just written and attack me, I assure you that won’t effect me in the least. Or you can try some new methods and see for yourself if they work.

And dude, I really am not trying to attack you. I’ve looked at your profile and your gigs and I’m really impressed. If you don’t want to take the advice of over delivering, then don’t! But don’t let that deter you from the rest of it which may help you.


Thanks for sharing !